Friday, 24 July 2015

Dipping Toes & Sandcastles

We had a well earned family afternoon out this past weekend, with work taking over during the Summer months, it can be a couple of weeks before myself and the OH have a day off together, even longer having a day off together and nice weather!
This Saturday it was sunny, dry, warm and a bit windy, it was perfect for a trip to the beach.

We took off to our usual spot, Garryvoe in East Cork for a walk along the beach. We actually went there around the same time last year, you can read about it and see our pictures here. There was a huge difference in how Luke took to it compared to last year. This time we brought his bucket and spade and he was all business going about his digging. He couldn't wait to kick off his shoes and get his feet wet...this turned into getting wet up to his thighs so lucky for him I packed a change of clothes!

We headed off over to the play area next to the beach where he was climbing on everything, last year he cautiously held on to my hand while he went down the slide, this year he ran off and flew down it by himself.

Of course an ice cream was in order after that, so we sat on the same rock as we did last year, this time he didn't look so small while sitting on it.

We ended our day by heading out to my parents house with some delicious chips from a local chipper and had our dinner with them.
I couldn't think of any better way to have spent my Saturday.

In a time when our life is so hectic these family days out are so treasured, I'm hoping we get to squeeze in a few more of these kind of days before the Summer is over.



  1. Gorgeous pics of a lovely part of the world, it looked like ye really enjoyed it. Hopefully Cork will have a sunny August!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I really hope we get a better August...the rain this last week has been depressing!


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