Sunday, 19 July 2015

Lean On Me

It's been a rough week, a sad week where I have had to witness a good friend suffer a loss that no mother should ever have to experience.

I've cried tears of sadness for my friend as she had to say goodbye to her little angel.

I've cried tears of heartbreak as I watch my friend attempt to try and come to terms with her loss, somehow, some way, hoping that maybe this isn't real at all. A bad dream she could maybe wake up from.

I've cried tears of frustration because right now I know that no matter what I say, in this moment in time none of it is going to help.

I've cried tears of confusion as to why when things seemed to be looking up and why did they then, all of a sudden, come crashing down?

I've cried tears of anger at the unfairness of this whole situation, questioning everything I believe in.

I've never had to witness someone close to me suffer such a sadness and such immense heartbreak and honestly it's knocked me for six.
I wake up with an ache in my heart for my friend and I am hoping and praying to what I believe in that every day a little bit of her pain can be eased. That she can get some sense of understanding of the situation and allow this to comfort her.
It's very early days and there's a long road ahead before things may begin to look bright again but I will do what I can to help her, whether she needs me physically by her side or just knowing I'm there from a distance.
That's the kind of friendship we have, we don't talk everyday, sometimes it could be a couple of months because life gets in our way but we don't let it get in the way of our bond. Anytime we need each other, we are both there ready and waiting, to lend an ear to listen, a glass of wine to sip and laughs to be given and I will be storing up all my laughs for her, so that when she's ready to smile and laugh again I will be ready too.

For now though I am here with open arms ready to hug her, a strong shoulder for her to cry on and all the reassurance I can muster so that I can  reassure her that in time things will be ok again.


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