Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Me & Mine June

Phew! June was a very busy month here, I am glad it's over and we can now breathe and relax for the next month. Thankfully it was busy in a good way though.

June saw us celebrating Luke's 2nd birthday, it's so hard to believe he's 2 already! We had a family get together the day of his actual birthday and then his party 2 days later. The weather was lovely, we had a bouncy castle, Fireman Sam everything and loads of was a great day! He thoroughly enjoyed himself and he hasn't had too may tantrums since turning 2 ;)

The OH and I along with some friends went to see The Coronas in concert in Live at the Marquee in Cork, as usual they were outstanding and we had a great night off parent duty and hanging out with some friends.

We've been doing lots of reorganising in the house, getting rid of some junk. A few walls need to be painted to freshen the place up now. The garden has also come on so much more! we finally have grass, yay! It took ages to grow but now that it has the garden looks lovely. Luke loves to help out by doing some digging and watering the plants with his watering can.

The last weekend of the month I was away in Newcastle for 2 days on a hen party, needless to say I have still not caught up with my sleep. It was a great weekend though and Newcastle seems like a brilliant city, I'll have to go back there and explore it properly. I really missed the 2 boys at home though and was so happy to see my little guy running up to me in the airport upon my return.

We've had some lovely warm weather too and it's just wiped me out of all of my energy! Obviously this kind of weather is great but seeing as we don't get it all that often it takes time to readjust.

I had a quick visit to the Doctor this month as I am suffering from sciatica and muscle spasms from an old car crash injury, not very pleasant. If anyone has an helpful alternative remedies for these problems please do share!

This month also saw Luke figure out how to climb on the window nerves! We now need to go and buy some window restricters. We really can't take our eyes off him for 2 seconds.

July, I'm hoping is going to be a quiet and relaxed month, I think we need it after the rush that was June.

Here we are in June, the first one on Luke's actual birthday and the other the day of his party:

This month Luke loves:

  • Making a duck face
  • Pretending our dog Murphy is a horse
  • Walking through the fields with Grandad
This month Dad loves:
  • Seeing the grass grow in the garden
  • A boys weekend with Luke
  • Going to a concert
This month Mum loves:
  • A girls weekend away
  • Celebrating Luke turning 2
  • Enjoying the sunshine


  1. Oh what lovely photos, especially the one with you and his birthday cake - it looks delicious!

  2. Sounds like a jam-packed month and lovely photos to show for it. I'm glad you all had fun celebrating Luke's birthday; he is looking so grown up. x


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