Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Weigh In Wednesday #1

So Week 1 down of trying to get myself back on track and into some kind of proper routine where food - meals and snacks are concerned, I'm not going to lie it's always so much harder to get back up on that horse than it is to come off it!
I've been ok this week, not great, I could've been a lot more disciplined with myself but baby steps eh?! 
We've had a a bit of a rough week with the smallest man in the house, bedtimes were a bit of a task. He's usually a dream to go to bed but we've had crying, screaming, banging, it's taken me an hour most night to settle him. One of the nights it took me over an hour and a half, I'd had no dinner and I was exhausted so the what did I do?! Got the OH to bring home a pizza on his way back from football! Yes I stumbled at the first hurdle but by god that pizza was so nice! 
The little guy seems to have settled down again though and I've managed to meal plan a bit better for the coming week so I just need to be firm with myself.

I really need to get more veg into my meals this week, fill up with lots of speed food.

My water intake has upped from 2 litres a day to 3 or 4 litres a day, I think the heat had something to do with this. 

Exercise didn't go as planned but I've been a given a new 3 day a week workout to try to I hope to get started on that tonight. 

So what did the scales tell me this morning when I stepped on them:

Week 1 - Maintain

So no loss, no gain...could be worse but could also be a lot better.

Here's to a more successful week this week.

Have you had a weigh in yet this week? How did you get on? Let me know if a comment below :)


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