Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sing. Dance. Repeat & Repeat & Repeat....

This morning, in the space of half an hour, in around the 7.30am mark I had to watch the video for One Direction's "Steal My Girl" 4 times...yes that's right 4 times!

It seems that the boy child has a thing for this song, the video in particular. The monkey and the lion captivating him the first time he saw it. 

Some may think "Ah but that's cute" or "Ah sure it's funny". Yeah it was the first couple of times but this has been going on for a month or so now. It's almost taking over from the Fireman Sam obsession, not quite but almost. He'll watch the video on the tablet or phone on repeat, at least 4 times a go and I mean he really watches it, face right up to the screen, watching intently. As soon as it's finished I hear "Again Mam". 

He's watched it so much now that he knows what's going to happen before it actually does, he knows exactly when the monkey is about to come on.
He knows that Niall is his cousins favourite and every time he comes on he says "Katie like him". 
He now even sings along, his favourite part being when at around 4mins and 3seconds in when Niall (I think) sings "Oh yeeeah, alriiight!" 
He dances along too, a very funky ass shaking, hip swinging dance.

I know the song inside out, every single word engrained on my brain...forever. Everytime I watch I just want to give that Harry a good hair wash. As easy on the eye as he is, lanky hair just doesn't cut it! Those skinny jeans Zayn is rocking make my eyes water but I'll admit my soft spot for Niall. 
It's doing my head in, I've tried to find other videos with monkeys and lions in for him to watch but no it HAS to be One Direction. 

I think we just have to admit it, the boy child is a 1D fan and that's that. 

I've tried influencing him with some Jimmy Eat World, Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, Rory Gallagher (I always have "Bad Penny" on in the car), a bit of Blink 182 because who doesn't love those guys but the boy child is having none of it. He just wants the boyband. 

His father isn't too impressed but to be honest I blame him...he's far more guilty of listening to shite pop music than I am.

On the plus side though, when I take my niece to see the 1D boys in concert in October at least I'll know all the words to one song...and when they sing "Steal My Girl" (they BETTER sing it!) I am going to roar along and I mean screech like a mad woman louder than any of the actual 1D fans in there. She'll be mortified I'm sure.

(While writing this post my sister has just sent me a video (not the video above) of Luke watching Steal My Girl in her house and dancing away for himself, she's had to record it on the Sky planner for him....he's obsessed!!)


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