Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Walking Through Fairyland

Today I'm linking up with Dolly Dowsie for the Weekenders series. It's lovely linky where you can document your weekend adventures and see what others have got up to as well.

Weekends at the moment are all over the place due to work but we only have a couple of weeks of the busy period left and we will be back to having every weekend off again...I can't wait.

Sunday just gone I was off though so I had some quality time with the boy child and my niece while the OH had to work. Weekends off together are a rarity.

We took to a local woods near my parents house in the countryside where a section of the woods have been turned into a fairyland. 
I believe it began with one little girl adding some fairy doors and soon after many others have travelled to add to it too. 
It's a lovely area and due to all of the additions by other people it now stretches for a quite a while.

Luke was in in element, he loved it! He walked the whole way and was so excited by each and every fairy door.
He would whisper as he got closer to a door, too cute altogether. 

We've decided we will head back there in the next week or so with our own addition.

He spent the rest of the afternoon excitedly telling everyone about the "frairries". It's great to see something so imaginative and lovely and I love nothing more than seeing Luke's sparked imagination in overload, it's wonderful! 

(I finished off this lovely Sunday with a girly dinner with my 2 friends, we went to East Village in Douglas, their chiken wings are to die for!)



  1. Aww how lovely! It's really been added to since we were there, I love that there's something like this so close to home. Lovely to hear that Luke loved it! I've never been to East Village for dinner, must give it a try :)

    1. We can make it our location for the next catch up dinner we have :)

  2. louise ,nothing like a spot of fairy hunting at the week end... finished of with a different type of wings..... he he yummy x

    1. Haha yes a good day all round for everyone :)


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