Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Autumn Strands

I love the feeling of Autumn especially when living by the sea. There's something refreshing about heading off to the beach or strand when there's a bit of a nip in the air and a gust of wind. I wasn't feeling great over the weekend due to a bug but an hour or so out in the fresh sea air cleared some cobwebs and I felt so much better.
While the clocks haven't gone back just yet, the evenings are starting to get shorter and the darkness is creeping in that bit earlier and there's just something earthly about being out by the sea as the day begins to leave and the evening starts rolling in.

This weekend we made 2 trips to a strand near to my parents house where we strolled along the rocks and Luke was frantic looking for crabs, he didn't find any, but he did find lots of rocks and shells that he had planned on keeping in his bucket but ended up throwing them in the water. He was, as always, accompanied by his big cousin Katie for the weekend.

Thanks to my new camera bag too I was able to bring my "big" camera out and about and know that it was safe along with my other lens that usually get's left at home because it's too big and I'm afraid I'll drop it or something.

While I am surrounded by the sea living on an island and can see Cork harbour from the upstairs of my house, it's different experiencing the sea from the countryside and it's something I really miss since moving out of my parents and into "town". Not to worry too much though as we go there every weekend...and any other day off that I have.



  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like a fab day out at the beach x

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