Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Everything is so LOUD

Ever since becoming a parent everything seems to have become so much louder and I mean everything, from the TV to the keys jangling. I've noticed it even more now as the boy child is getting older but here's a few examples from the beginning of his life:

  • The TV managed to get louder all of a sudden without me even having to touch the remote, most noticeably the theme tune to Friends, that would start much louder than the previous epsiode (yes I watch re runs and then some more re runs of Friends) startling a sleeping baby on my chest who had only just fallen asleep
  • The keys in the ignition just after the toddler has dropped off to sleep in the back of the car...
  • ....Same goes for my rattling heat shield, way louder as soon as he's asleep!
  • The creak in the middle of the landing between his room and ours, if I end up stepping on that after putting him down to bed you can bet I'll hear "Muuuuuuuum".
  • The rattling of any kind of food packaging - no matter where he is in the house, he will be by my side in the blink of an eye if he even suspects that I may be opening something nice to eat without him. It is funny though when he realises it's something boring.
  • The emptying of the Mega Blocks. It happens in slow motion, he picks up the box, struggles to lift it but manages to turn it upside down and I am about to tell him to stop what he's doing when they all crash to the ground! Jeeeeez it's sooo friggin' loud when they hit the wooden floor...I need to hide those bloody blocks.
  • When he screams in public, it always seem to be a lot louder than any other child I've heard screaming ever before....ever.
  • The monitor during the night, sometimes the scream is so loud the monitor crackles!
  • The next door neighbours going in their front door - this seemed excruciatingly loud when he was tiny and his bedroom was on the same side of the house as their front door, a couple of bangs and he could be disturbed from his slumber. I'd never noticed as much before then but I am still noticing it now....every single night. 
  • Breathing, yes that's right even breathing became too loud for a while. When we had him in the room with us as a small baby, we could sigh or breathe a little bit louder than usual and bang! he would be disturbed and wide awake.
  • The dog barking, 3 millions streets away, that you would never pay attention to ever until we are lifting in a sleeping toddler from the car or trying to get him to nap. 
  • That bloody ice cream van who drives by our house in the Summer just as we are putting him to bed, it's so loud it drowns out his relaxing lullaby music and he sits bolt upright and says "ice ceam Mum ice ceaaaam".
I could actually list a few more examples but I'm sure you get it. As you can see a lot of them involve things that disturb him from his sleep....ah sleep, 2 years and 4 months in, I vaguely remember what that is.


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