Monday, 23 November 2015

Circuits - It's A Love / Hate Thing

Finally, at long last, I've managed to get off my backside and get back into some kind of shape and regain some fitness, I mean Luke is only 2 and a half, it hasn't taken me that long to get back into it...not!
It all started with a text about some circuit training classes starting up in oour local GAA hall by a friend of mine. I'd had the excuse before that they were on too early for me as it was right in the middle of bed time for Luke but not this time. Now the classes were starting an hour later so I had no excuse.
I bit the bullet, I replied and said yes I'll go, sure it was only 4 weeks and if I didn't like it then I didn't have to go back, 2 classes a week, an hour each time, surely I'd manage that?!

D'ya know what? I did manage it and I loved it! Like thoroughly enjoyed it but hated it at the same time. What a shock to my system after the first class, no word of lie, I couldn't walk properly for 3 days, jeez I've never felt pain like ass, legs, arms, abs, knees everything hurt. It was that pain that you love though, the pain that drives you on because you know it's only hurting because you pushed your body to work for you. I dread the class every Monday and Thursday but I love it just as much. As mank as this sounds, it's so satisfying to work up a good sweat, the kind were it's rolling down your face and right in between the boobs!

It's slow progress and it's taken me a full 4 weeks to finally get the hang of some of the techniques but I have and each week I can feel myself getting that teeny tiny bit fitter. The warm up doesn't almost kill me anymore, I can do a lunge without almost falling over, I can run better than I ever could and I'm still terrible but I was worse before!

We're on a week off now and for the next few nights I must really put in the effort at home to keep up my newly regained little bit of fitness before we start our next lot of classes. The best thing of all though is that we all have a laugh while almost killing ourselves, I don't feel embarrassed or self conscious. I feel comfortable and encouraged and even though the instructors shout, a lot, and sometimes during that hour I hate them, (no really, when I see a burpee coming my way I genuinely despise them) they are actually super. I leave there feeling good about myself because no matter how hard I may have found the class, they really do keep us going until the end with all of their encouragement...and shouting!

*Note: I cannot get the grasp of a burpee, my lack of coordination just will not let me, for now I will jump jack in it's place but I will master it...someday!*

*Also just in case you're wondering who the shouty instructor is, it's this guy*


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