Monday, 21 December 2015

'Tis The Season...To Step Back

The end of another year is almost upon me and I can't quite believe a whole year has gone by already, in one way it feels like so much has happened but at the same time it feels like I've been standing still for the last 12 months.
It's been a year of changes, adventures. It's been hectic, chaotic at times and we are constantly on the go. My time out, my time to myself is in a short fall as it is with most parents trying to juggle everything life throws at us but I've found the precious bit of time I do get has been wasted, not all of the time but most of the time.
I don't like to point the finger but well, I will and I'll point it straight at you, social media! Oh my, how much of my life is consumed by the various social media outlets?! Hours are lost of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc refreshing the pages, scrolling down looking at everyone else living their lives.
Don't get me wrong, the people I follow I genuinely enjoy seeing their updates, reading blogs, looking at their pictures but I just feel I'm not in my "here and now" as much as I should be.
Blogging for me is a hobby, nothing more but these last few months it's been like a bit of a weight, I constantly felt the need to ensure an online presence all the time and then my inspiration was thwarted and well, I lost interest in it all. Honestly if I was to count up the amount of minutes spent on the internet, I would most definitely cry! Right now I feel I need to do more for me, be active in my own reality rather than trying to live vicariously through the internet.
It doesn't even feel like Christmas because I've done all of my shopping online, no hustle and bustle of the shops,just a few clicks of a mouse and a lot of debiting from my bank card!
I also had a slight panic attack about how much I've put our lives out there, into the cyber world, I think that's what's prompted me to do this post.

This last year has been one of change and when 2015 began I didn't see myself and my family being where we are now. It's been tough going, a lot more high's than low's for sure but I have a feeling 2016 may just be our most challenging yet.
At the moment my head is a little foggy from life and I think I need to step back and re-evaluate, go back to the old school way of things, you know watching the news on tv, buying a magazine, making a phone call, all those things I would have done before I became so reliant on the power of the internet. I need to take that book off the shelf and read it, pick up those pencils and do some colouring, try out that recipe that's been on a piece of paper in the back of diary since the start of this year, take a picture because I genuinely like what I see, all these things that were once my favourite hobbies and I want to do all of those things for me, not to report back through a blog post, Facebook update, a new Tweet...

Most importantly I want to spend the last 2 weeks of my 20's thoroughly enjoying them with the people I love the most, really enjoying their company, no stress, no updating, no comparing.

So I am signing off for this festive season, logging out of all apps and I am going cold turkey (pun intended for time of the year!). The Christmas holidays are short and I really just want to kick back, relax and enjoy my surroundings.
In the words of Arnie Schwarz, I'll be some point in 2016.

Merry Christmas To All, I hope it is everything you hope for and more this year.

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