Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Life Lately...With The Tantruming Toddler

Eh why did nobody prepare me for the terrible two's?! (I'm looking at you, Mother...although I was such a good child you probably never had to experience it with me! hehe)
What a rollercoaster this bad boy phase has been lately, it has been fraught with major high's and stooping low's, here's an example:

A chat at bedtime last week: "I not like you Mum, you not my friend, I don't yove you" (he pronounces his l's like a y at the moment) - heart crushed
The next day: "Hi Mummy, I missed you today" - heart melted

Eating dinner, pasta, his favourite: "I not yike iiiiitttt!" even though he had just devoured half of the bowl. "I want something else".
2 minutes later, he finishes the bowl of pasta.

Getting dressed in the morning usually takes place upstairs on our bed, never been a problem...until now of course: "I not get dressed theeeere", runs away from the bed and plonks himself on the small bit of floor wedged between my side of the bed and the wardrobe, "I get dressed down heeeere Mummmmmy". This results in all the backache.

6.00am wake up call usually goes like this: "I want Sam Mum", he wails in my ear (he's more than likely been in our bed since 4am at this stage), "In a while Luke it's too early", "Aw peeeease Mum, I need your phone, I want Saaaaaam". This goes on for a while until I give in and put on Fireman Sam on my phone, the response: I get "I not want Saaaaaaaam".

Heaven forbid I attempt to go upstairs for something without him, I barely get up the first few steps and he's in a frenzy, running behind me "Mummy what 'bout me???!", "Luke I'm just going up to get something" could be anything, whatever it is it usually takes me the blink of an eye to get up and down again but he's having none of it. "Wait for me Mum, yift me", he wails from the bottom step even though he's capable for running up the stairs when he wants to. My 2 second dash upstairs ends up taking me ages while I lug the toddler up with me on my hip.
I really can't go anywhere on my own these days, I had to have a shower the other week with the toddler and the dog as my audience because Luke insisted on them both cramming into our en-suite bathroom with me.

I think the best one is the "I not tiiiiiired" declaration even though he's spent the last hour flailing around the place like a big overtired mess but yet refuses to nap, despite me offering him the fluffiest of blankets, cushions, cuddles, the perfect accompaniments for a nap. We give up after a while and go about our day with the overtired creature he has become and decide to head out, where he promptly falls asleep in the car seat!

A few of his other favourite phrases at the moment:

"Yike this, I SAID"
"Not yike that I SAID"
"I not yike that"
"I not talking to you right now"
"You're not my friend"

Ah no seriously, the terrible two's, the toddler years, they are great craic. Sure who wouldn't love having to deal with the above and more on a daily basis, it's what makes parenting worth while, all that wasted effort to make their life easier, the ungratefulness of it all from the mini me human, the one I created, yes it gives me all the warm and fuzzies.....not!

*I don't even know if tantruming is an actually word but my brain has been turned to mush from all of these toddler trials and tribulations!*


Monday, 18 January 2016

[The Ordinary Moments 16] #2

Yay for a dry day! This Saturday just passed the weather managed to ease up and stay dry for most of the day, well long enough for us to finally get out and about in the garden. Like every Saturday we went out to my parents in the morning where we had our breakfast, bacon roll and tea, yum and then went for a bit of an explore around the garden.
It's been so wet and miserable these last few weeks, our cabin fever had reached boiling point so Luke was more than happy to get the wellies on and his coat "like Grandad's" and head outside.

He always makes a beeline for his Grandad's shed to go "working" and "fixing" with his tools and to pull out all of his own toys that have a little shed of their own. 

He has a bit of an obsession with the shed roof too. There is a ladder attached to the side of the shed which brings you to the flat roof and gives you a great view of the garden and house. Grandad let him up there once during the Summer and he's had a bit of obsession about it since...not like me, who's afraid of heights and much happier with my feet firmly on the ground!

They had a quick game of football too, Luke really getting into the swing of it now, perfecting his 

Child replica toys just won't do when he can have the real thing so off he went and took me by the hand to bring me to the small shed to get the "real" shovel for him. so he could go and do some "digging". 

He's all business tending to the stones and flower beds. 

Even in the rain yesterday he managed to get out for a short while and his Grandad brought him over the neighbouring field before the rain got too heavy.

It wasn't an overly exciting day but it was our normal, ordinary routine of a weekend being somewhat back to normal after the hustle and bustle of the Christmas / New Year / Birthday celebrations and the weather finally giving us a bit of a break. 
Fingers crossed this Winter passes by soon so we can fully immerse ourselves in the outdoors again, there's nothing this boy loves more than being out and about exploring.

Linking up with of Katie of Mummy Daddy Me for her #theordinarymoments series


Monday, 4 January 2016

[The Ordinary Moments 16] #1 2016 Hopes

I want to spend this year being more interactive on my blog, finding interesting projects to take part in, ways to discover more interesting reading material, inspiring people to follow and something that would help to appreciate the smaller things in life, the more ordinary and normal day to day things and what better way to start than joining up with the lovely Katie of Mummy Daddy Me for the wonderful [Ordinary Moments] project. I was following this last year, reading the posts but never actually got around to joining in.

I love this time of the year, a fresh year and a fresh decade in my case this year as I turn 30 tomorrow. The new diary and calendars are out and all clean and blank waiting for me to fill them in.

This year I was delighted to purchase a gorgeous planner by Emily of The Nest. Emily designed, wrote and illustrated these books herself and from the moment I received the package in the post, I was filled with positivity for the year ahead. There's an inspiring Invocation for 2016 in there that really resonates with me and is all I hope for for 2016. Each month folds out to a blank space for me to write down my ideas, inspirations, hopes etc for the month. I have my very own creative space and I really hope to be more creative this year.
I keep a separate smaller diary, for financials and appointments, because it's easier to whip that out quickly when I need to.

As I enter my 30's I'm hoping to be able to relax a little more, give myself some head space to go with it, to just be in the moment and enjoy it. I'm such a worrier, about everything, present things and stuff in the future and sometimes that constant fretting and over thinking takes away from what's going on in the right here and right now.
I want to grab back some time for me, my hobbies - take out the camera some more, read the new books on the shelf, continue working on my fitness and my overall well being, mine and my families.
I want to relish everything in our lives this year a little bit more than I have been doing, even the bad days and the harder times. Every day Luke is changing and growing and becoming more independent - he put his wellies on by himself the other week, it was bittersweet - I just want to take all of that in.

I want 2016 to be the year we are happy in our surroundings, making the best of any situation we may find ourselves in and remaining positive in any hardship that may come our way.

2016 - We Got This :)

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