Monday, 4 January 2016

[The Ordinary Moments 16] #1 2016 Hopes

I want to spend this year being more interactive on my blog, finding interesting projects to take part in, ways to discover more interesting reading material, inspiring people to follow and something that would help to appreciate the smaller things in life, the more ordinary and normal day to day things and what better way to start than joining up with the lovely Katie of Mummy Daddy Me for the wonderful [Ordinary Moments] project. I was following this last year, reading the posts but never actually got around to joining in.

I love this time of the year, a fresh year and a fresh decade in my case this year as I turn 30 tomorrow. The new diary and calendars are out and all clean and blank waiting for me to fill them in.

This year I was delighted to purchase a gorgeous planner by Emily of The Nest. Emily designed, wrote and illustrated these books herself and from the moment I received the package in the post, I was filled with positivity for the year ahead. There's an inspiring Invocation for 2016 in there that really resonates with me and is all I hope for for 2016. Each month folds out to a blank space for me to write down my ideas, inspirations, hopes etc for the month. I have my very own creative space and I really hope to be more creative this year.
I keep a separate smaller diary, for financials and appointments, because it's easier to whip that out quickly when I need to.

As I enter my 30's I'm hoping to be able to relax a little more, give myself some head space to go with it, to just be in the moment and enjoy it. I'm such a worrier, about everything, present things and stuff in the future and sometimes that constant fretting and over thinking takes away from what's going on in the right here and right now.
I want to grab back some time for me, my hobbies - take out the camera some more, read the new books on the shelf, continue working on my fitness and my overall well being, mine and my families.
I want to relish everything in our lives this year a little bit more than I have been doing, even the bad days and the harder times. Every day Luke is changing and growing and becoming more independent - he put his wellies on by himself the other week, it was bittersweet - I just want to take all of that in.

I want 2016 to be the year we are happy in our surroundings, making the best of any situation we may find ourselves in and remaining positive in any hardship that may come our way.

2016 - We Got This :)



  1. Oh wow a milestone year for you! Happy birthday for tomorrow. New Year makes me reflect and plan at the best of times and when I turned 30 (I am 32 sob in March) I became even more reflective and planned more than usual! It really made me think and contemplate my life which sounds a bit deep. I love the planner, it is gorgeous. Really excited you are joining in and I will look forward to reading lots more. x

    1. Thanks Katie :) it is a big year and I hope it'll a productive one. Looking forward to reading through the other blogs in this project xo

  2. Best of luck in 2016. Good goals in place. Love that diary!! And happy birthday x

    1. Thanks Nicola :) hopefully the goals are achievable for me;I think they will be. Happy New year xx

  3. THANK YOU! And very excited that you are so happy with it :-) I am feeling really excited and positive about the year ahead too, I foresee Great Things! Happy birthday... I loved turning 30, there was a super freedom and I really felt like I came into myself. Hope this next year is truly a transformative one for you xxxx

  4. Honestly Emily I cant tell enough people about the diary! I have a feeling there's a transformation of some kind on the horizon here too this year. Happy New year xx

  5. Happy new year, happiest of birthdays, welcome to your 30's xxx

  6. Love your planner, I searched loads of places this year but couldn't find any I liked (wanted to see it in my hands first not online) so ended up splashing out on a Filofax, hoping I'll have it for years to come. Hope you have a great birthday!


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