Tuesday, 16 February 2016

8 Photo's of Happiness

I was nominated by the lovely Lady Nicci way back in September to take part in this (the half written post had been sitting pretty in my drafts until now!) Be sure to take a look over there at her lovely photo choices, particularly the Avatar one!
I love these kinds of posts, mostly because I love having a root through old photo's but also seeing what everyone else's pictures of choice were.
Anyone who knows me will know that I'm never far from my camera, be it my phone or my DSLR or my compact or disposal cameras back in the day.
I do love how we can obtain almost instant prints of photo's these days, take the photo, pop the memory card into the printer and voila! but somedays I miss the anticipation of going to the 1 hour photo (that always took a few days really) to collect my grainy, off colour, developed snaps. Just last night I spent ages switching around pictures and rearranging the many photo frames that adorn my walls at home.

So here goes, my 8 Photo's of Happiness:

    The Girls Holiday

This is my 2 besties and I in Barcelona in 2010. We took off on a city break for ourselves and had the best time. We shopped, drank, ate and laughed a lot. This particular photo was taken after an extended brunch in a place called Can Paixano, a delightful tapas bar. We got a bottle of pink champagne and tapas each, delicious! We eventually left to make our way to the beach to enjoy the Spring sunshine (and to maybe sober up!). Young, carefree, child free...ah those were the days!

   The Festival

Oxegen 2012 was my first music festival. To be honest the whole idea of camping out in the mud and rain for the weekend never really appealed to me no matter who was on the stage but myself and my best friend were given one day ticket for Oxegen that year for the Sunday, Beyonce headlined (her favourite singer) and Jimmy Eat World (my favourite band ) played one of the smaller stages. It was ideal, we had a lot of fun, danced, fell over, ate crap, sang our litlehearts out, got lost, found our way again....and that bottle contained more than just your average pepsi (think 1/6th pepsi, 5/6ths malibu or was it Captain Morgan?!! I can't remember!).

   The Sidekick

Anyone who knows me knows that I am rarely without this little person who, at 13, isn't actually all that little anymore. This is my niece Katie on her communion day, I love this picture. She was like a little fairy on the day all decked out in her dress and with her curled hair. She loves all those events and gets into the full swing of the preparation leading up to them. She's one of a kind and we have a special bond, I hope she'll never get bored of her super fun Aunt, I dread the day she thinks I'm uncool!! 

   The Parents 

These guys make it all happen don't they?! The folks, the foundation of my family, if I can be half a happy and strong in my relationship as they are then I'll be doing ok. They give me hope and faith for whatever the future holds. I love this picture of them because it portrays them perfectly, Mum saying something silly and Dad rolling his eyes, she's happy, he's grumpy and they work perfectly together. Their birthday are a day apart so there's always a bit of a joint celebration every July.

    The Brood

Probably one of the few photo's of the children and grandchildren together my parents have. This was taken not long before I was pregnant with Luke and it's me, my sister and her 3 daughters. It's a picture taken during easier times for them and I love seeing us altogether, it's hard to round us up in the same place these days. 

    The Child

My very own teeny tiny baba. When I look at this picture I can hardly believe he was ever that small. This was taken on our first night back home after Luke was born and we had spent a long week in CUMH. We spent the first week back in my parents house where they looked after all 3 of us. I can remember so clearly putting him into his moses basket just before this picture was taken, I was completely overwhelmed with love and fear that this little person was mine. Even when I look at it now, I get a lump in my throat, a happy one though. 

    The Other Half

Aww sure look at us! This was taken the night we got engaged when we went out for celebratory drinks with our friends. This picture was taken without me really realising and it's become one of my favourites. 

    The Family

Every month for the last 2 years we have taken part in a monthly family portrait photo series and this is my favourite one to date. I think this was in May 2015 and I love our genuinely happy smiles particularly the cheeky one in the middle. I remember quickly setting up the tripod at the top of the stairs and almost killing myself by tripping down trying to get into the picture before the timer went off, we got a good giggle from it. 

There you have it, 8 photo's of happiness. I could have picked so many more, having to pick 8 was quite the task.


Monday, 15 February 2016

[The Ordinary Moments 16] #3 9 Reasons Why He's My Valentine

Valentine's Day is always a good day to show the person who love, that special someone, just how much they mean to you, sure every other day of the year is good but V Day is a good reminder. Filling in the card is where I put my head down and think about why he is my Valentine and what makes him so special and stand out from the rest and it always surprises me just how the most ordinary of things make him special to me:

  1. He makes me cups of tea all the time...for an avid tea drinker like myself this is a big thing and a deal breaker, the best companion is one who shares the love of a good cuppa.
  2. He listens to me...sounds pretty easy but I don't mean in a a deep and meaningful way, I mean in the every day sense of things e.g. I might say out loud to myself more than anything that I must pick up my shampoo and conditioner because I'm almost out or it's on offer and he'll come home from work with it for me before I even get a chance to remind myself about it again
  3. When making dinners he always makes the extra bit of effort to make sure they are made the Slimming World way where possible (as I try my best to stick to some kind of diet)
  4. If he has to leave for work or college before I get up, he leaves a cup ready for my morning coffee next to the kettle
  5. If we have been out (very rare occasion these days) and have had a few drinks, he knows I need a fizzy drink the next morning before I can begin to feel right so there's one either in the fridge or next to the bed along with Panadol
  6. He brings down the washing basket for me on Thursdays rather than me trying to lug it down the stairs
  7. No matter where he's coming home from he always texts on his way to see if we need anything
  8. He makes my lemon water for me the night before, most times without me even asking
  9. He indulges my guilty pleasure of reality TV and watches it with me while drinking tea and eating crisps on the couch...that to me is true love! 
There's so many everyday and ordinary things that make him stand out from the crowd for me. Sure there's big gestures in there too but it's the day to day things that mean so much and he's pretty damn high on the list of being everything this girl needs and more <3

Linking up with Katie of Mummy Daddy Me for #theordinarymoments series


Monday, 1 February 2016

Me & Mine January

It's our first family portrait of 2016. We are delighted to be joining in with this lovely photo project hosted by Lucy of Dear Beautiful as we have thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 years and managed to capture the most lovely family photo's which I am certain we would have missed out on had it not been for taking part in this project.

January has been a busy month, usually we hide away, recover from Christmas and emerge again in February but we have been swamped since New Year.

This month saw me turn 30, yikes! I'm determined to make this decade my best yet. I was spoilt by the OH when he produced a brand new iMac as my birthday present, I was shocked but hugely impressed!

The OH has just returned from a few days away in Denmark to do with is course. It was the longest he had ever been away from Luke and his boy really missed him. Luke spent the last 4 days telling everyone his Daddy was on holidays and he was bringing him back a present.

There has been a lot going on in our family this month and hopefully things will be settling down soon and we'll have some positive news to share.

Typical of January we have all been hit with some kind of illness, mostly sore throats, colds and coughs. I took me a week to get over mine, it really knocked me for six. It meant that I missed a few of my circuit training classes but looking forward to getting back into the swing of it again next week.

I've been trying to get the camera out more and have managed to get some nice snaps over the weekends in January.

Luke has started going to play group 2 mornings a week now instead of 2 afternoons, they are longer sessions and he loves it. Although he still gets a bot teary when I drop him Fridays but goes in fine for his Daddy on Mondays.

I am so looking forward to February and hopefully the sun shining a bit more, we are so over all these storms that keep happening!

Here we are in January:

This month Luke loves:

  • The all new Bob The Builder
  • His mornings in play school
  • Pretending that there is an emergency and he has to put out the fire with his imaginary hose and  fire engine, I just love his improvisation
This month Dad loves:
  • Playing football again
  • Going to Denmark and exploring Copenhagen
  • Losing weight as part of an Operation Transformation team at his work
This month Mum loves:
  • Going to the hairdressers, my fringe was in desperate need of a trim
  • Getting to know my iMac, it's a beautiful machine :)
  • Being able to have full blown conversations with Luke, he's a complete chatterbox

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