Monday, 15 February 2016

[The Ordinary Moments 16] #3 9 Reasons Why He's My Valentine

Valentine's Day is always a good day to show the person who love, that special someone, just how much they mean to you, sure every other day of the year is good but V Day is a good reminder. Filling in the card is where I put my head down and think about why he is my Valentine and what makes him so special and stand out from the rest and it always surprises me just how the most ordinary of things make him special to me:

  1. He makes me cups of tea all the time...for an avid tea drinker like myself this is a big thing and a deal breaker, the best companion is one who shares the love of a good cuppa.
  2. He listens to me...sounds pretty easy but I don't mean in a a deep and meaningful way, I mean in the every day sense of things e.g. I might say out loud to myself more than anything that I must pick up my shampoo and conditioner because I'm almost out or it's on offer and he'll come home from work with it for me before I even get a chance to remind myself about it again
  3. When making dinners he always makes the extra bit of effort to make sure they are made the Slimming World way where possible (as I try my best to stick to some kind of diet)
  4. If he has to leave for work or college before I get up, he leaves a cup ready for my morning coffee next to the kettle
  5. If we have been out (very rare occasion these days) and have had a few drinks, he knows I need a fizzy drink the next morning before I can begin to feel right so there's one either in the fridge or next to the bed along with Panadol
  6. He brings down the washing basket for me on Thursdays rather than me trying to lug it down the stairs
  7. No matter where he's coming home from he always texts on his way to see if we need anything
  8. He makes my lemon water for me the night before, most times without me even asking
  9. He indulges my guilty pleasure of reality TV and watches it with me while drinking tea and eating crisps on the couch...that to me is true love! 
There's so many everyday and ordinary things that make him stand out from the crowd for me. Sure there's big gestures in there too but it's the day to day things that mean so much and he's pretty damn high on the list of being everything this girl needs and more <3

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  1. Aw I absolutely love this post so much. It really is the little things that mean a lot. In fact they mean the most. He sounds wonderful! x

    1. Thank you :) He's not the worst for sure ;) xo

  2. This is such a lovely post. I think it's so easy to pick out the flaws and things that annoy us but I definitely think our other halfs should be celebrated more. Xx

    1. Thanks Nicola :) you're right it's easy to focus on the negative (like his smelly football boots!) but much better to celebrate the good, everyday things xo


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