Thursday, 31 March 2016

Me & Mine March

Yahoo I'm back with my regular Me & Mine post! I'm gutted I never got to do a February post last month but it was a month spent nursing sickness between myself and Luke. I hadn't been that ill in a long long time, years and it really knocked me for six. The month went by in blur to be honest and my motivation and enthusiasm for anything was at all time low.

However we all recovered and spent March catching up on family time and adventures, so much so that we didn't have time to take a proper family portrait this month but we did manage to get a few quick snaps along the way so forgive the quality for this month please ;)

We had lots of celebrations this month with St Patricks Day, Easter, the 1916 commemoration and we spent a lot of time out and about in different places. Thankfully the weather was on our side for some parts of March and got to visit a farm, the beach, see parades, go on Easter egg hunts and just spend some time together which is much needed ahead of a busy April.

I've had short weeks at work and the OH has had time off college due to all of the public holidays so it's been great to kick back and just relax for a while. The OH has been busy studying as he has exams coming up and I've been getting a few things in order for myself as I have a few plans coming up in April which I shall share next month should they all go to plan, I don't want to jinx myself! Anyone else ever feel like that?!

My 2 best friends took me off to Killarney for a night in a hotel and dinner and drinks as a belated birthday present and it was just like old times, pre babies, when we would take off to Killarney every other weekend. We laughed a lot!

This month also saw me celebrate my bestie engagement, we may have consumed a bit too much prosecco that night but was delighted to share in her happiness.

Since I spent most of March getting back on my feet, diet and exercise are out the window, it's ridiculous but April brings a new month and new goals and that is top of the list!

So, here we are, slightly blurry but happy, in March:

This month Luke loves:
  • Blaze and The Monster Machines
  • Being an Avenger - he runs around the pretending to have a weapon shouting "I'm an abenger!"
  • Easter and all the chocolate it brings
This month Dad loves:
  • Having time off college and moving departments in work
  • Booking flights to Liverpool
  • Not shaving (we have a bet on to see how long he'll go before getting too annoyed and shaving the beard off, I didn't think I'd like it but I do)
This month Mum loves:
  • Some Spring sunshine at long last
  • Spending quality time with family and friends
  • Getting my hair done, the roots were bad

The Me and Mine Project


  1. I am sorry to hear you had such a poorly Feb, roll on the summer hey! Lovely Me and Mine photos

    1. Yes bring on the Summer, we need some nice weather :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely month, especially with nights away with friends and celebrating engagements. Hope you all have a lovely April too. x

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