Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Spare Room That Is No Longer The Spare Room

Our spare room has always been a mixture of things - an extra large wardrobe, a store room, a guest room, it was the boy child's room before we moved him next door, but now the room has a new purpose and a new inhabitant.
My niece, Katie, who has featured on the blog many times has become somewhat of a regular fixture in our house so it makes sense that the room is now "her" bedroom. At the moment, 3 days of the week she lives in there so it's only right I guess that we give it a little makeover in order to make it feel like her room.

I had been picking up little bits and pieces from Penneys last Summer as I had every intention of decorating in there but of course, I never got around to it and without realising, the colour scheme ended up in yellow, grey and white. I have some lovely canvas print in these colours that will be hung up as well as a chevron throw in the same colours to go in there.

I seem to be a bit obsessed with chevron designs lately, I may be a bit late to this craze but that's me! So off I went and trowled through Pinterest for some ideas.

I'm hoping to get my hands on some curtains like these:

I've found a few sets of curtains I like but nothing so far that jumps out at me, it's a small window so I don't want them too long especially seeing as the bed is up against the window. Ideally I'd love a window from the company VELUX, I've always loved the idea of these, lying back on the pillows looking out at the night sky or having a pretty pattern to look at rather than a dull ceiling. I especially love these Disney designs on the velux blinds, the Bambi one would be perfect for the colour scheme I have planned!

Next up is bedding, I love this one for sticking with the chevron theme:

But also this one to break up the design a little:

How cute is the subtle bird design from Littlewoods? Perfect for a newly turned teenage girls bedroom I think.

I'm all for accessories especially throws, some might say (my mother) that I have a bit of an obsession because the hot press is full of them, all different colours and designs but something like these are what I have got for the room already:

As mentioned, I have a few canvas prints and signs I've picked up along the way to choose from as well as some fairy lights to go around the bed, similar to these:

There is some paint leftover from another room in the house which just so happens to be the shade I want in the bedroom, a soft buttermilk which I think will really give the room a warmer feel to it. I just need to invest in a new roller and really I have no excuse to not get started on it.

The only thing I can't seem to find is a nice mat or rug. With the way I have arranged the furniture there is quite a bit of floor space and I'd like a mat to go there, nothing too big and nothing too bold in print as I don't want to take away from the rest of the little features that will be in the room but I also need it to hide any dirt from shoes going in and out! If you know of anywhere that I can have a look at some nice mats in the theme above please let me know in the comments :)

I'm hoping to get cracking on the painting in the next week or so and am excited to see it all come together, I'll probably want the room for myself after all of this! Be sure to stay tuned and I will blog my final result once it's all done along with prices and how we are trying to keep it budget friendly.

I love seeing other peoples interiors and renovations so if you've done a room in your house lately and blogged about it, please let me know because I would love to have a read!

Images courtesy of Pinterest and Littlewoods



  1. The colour theme is fab! Actually reminds me I need to get some new duvets from our bed!!

    1. I have a bit of an obsession with duvet covers!!

  2. We have our kitchen/living area them colours. I love it and everyone always compliments it! I'm looking for curtains for my daughters room at the moment and it is literally the bane of my life. Want yellow, pastel pink or mint green. If you know of any decent curtains places let me know! Have tried the usual. (Home store, hickey, ikea)

    1. We put grey in our living room too and it worked so much better than I thought it would! Have you tried the likes of Littlewoods or Oxendales for the curtains? They have some nice ones on their websites, Heatons can be hit and miss but I got some lovely ones in there not so long ago.


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