Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Trials & Tribulations of a Surname

If I could foresee the issues we would encounter when giving Luke a double barrelled surname, would I have changed my mind on giving it to him? The answer is no.
We gave him both of our surnames because we wanted to, because who was I to decide which name he was more entitled to?
Myself and the OH are not yet married, we'll get around to it, eventually, when life slows down a little so that we can actually plan a wedding but when we do I will take his surname but I will also keep my own. It's something I've always said I will do, I don't see any real reason why I should give up my name but I am quite excited to take on the name of my partner so my best option would be to keep both.

In his short life to date, Luke has never been known by anything other than his full 2 named surname, Murphy-Langan, we've never dropped one or the other, it's on his birth cert and we always use the 2, in the same order.
So why do people insist on picking and choosing which of his surnames they'd like to use?!!

In the beginning the doctor was using Murphy, it took a few goes before it eventually got changed to both names.

The chemist still insists on using it the other way around, I have mentioned it...I'll say it again.

South Doc the other week, calling him for his appointment "Luke Langan"...even though the full name was written quite clearly on the piece of paper that was IN HER HAND!

Handing in the form for play school last year, all of his deets written on it, the girl behind the desk, writing out the receipt, Luke Murphy - eh you forgot the rest of his name there?!

People used to try and call me Lou or LouLou growing up and it drove my mam insane, if she wanted me to be called either of those names she "would've christened me with those names" and it stuck with me, very few people get away with calling me Lou now and it's only in recent years I've kind of stopped correcting people.
I don't want Luke to drop either of his surnames because he feels like they might be an inconvenience to people because they feel the need to drop one or the other. It's not even a hard name to say, I think the 2 surnames fit well together and roll of the tongue easily enough.

I might start insisting they call him by his first name, middle name and 2 surnames just to be even more pedantic about it all....jokes, kind of!


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