Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Cot Days Are Over

After almost 3 years, we did it, made the transition from cot to bed. I'm not going to lie, I was dreading it! I envisaged many nights where he would be getting up and walking about or even earlier morning wake up calls now that he could come and go as he pleased but surprisingly he's done neither.

I don't think he realises that he can actually get out of the bed if he wants because he is still calling us from his bed when he wants to get up, like this morning, "Muuuuuum, Muuuuuum" so in I went and there he was lying down, relaxing until I came in to get him.

Going to bed is no different either, he still wants his cuddle on the chair in his room first, these days he's not napping during the day so he's asleep in my arms within minutes and then I put him into bed, he shuffles into position and off he goes. We had a couple of nights where he wouldn't settle as usual, he would sit up straight away and starting roaring for me to come back, I thought he'd definitely get up out of bed then but no just sat up and had an extra cuddle.

He seems to be sleeping a lot better too, I'm not sure if it's more room, knowing he's not confined, the mattress is newer, I don't know but it's helping.
He asked for his cot once on the first night but is now more than happy with his bed.

We did a few a things to help him look forward to the change rather than just landing it on him and I think it all helped make it easier:

  • Ordered his bed linen online where he saw the picture of the design and eagerly awaited it's arrival in the post, he was quite excited when it arrived and wanted to use it straight away.
  • I actually picked up his bed for a steal in a local charity shop one day when my mam saw it when she was dropping stuff off. It was in perfect condition so couldn't say no, we just stored it until we needed it. It was a dark blue colour so we both spent a couple of weekends painting ti white, he had his little paint brush too.
  • Kept it in the same position in the room as his cot was so that it wasn't too different.
  • We added some new pictures and lampshade
  • Talked about it the week beforehand saying that we would swap him on a Friday after school and then when he came he would have a surprise of his new bed in his room - his response when he saw his new bed all made up and in position, "It's so cute, I love it!" 
They were only a few small things but all mounted to him being excited about the transition rather than fighting it and it's working well so far, fingers crossed..oh god I'm going to jinx us now aren't I?!!


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