Saturday, 2 July 2016

Me & Mine June

I definitely blinked and June was over! A bit late with June's Me and Mine due to a car disaster on Wednesday, thankfully it's all sorted now and we have a new car but it'll be bread and water for the next few weeks haha

June saw our little buddy turn 3, how he is now a 3 year old I don't know! He had a wonderful birthday party and it's as if he grew up over night, he literally did go to bed as a a 2 year old and woke up a much more grown version of himself as a 3 year old. He is now finished play school for the Summer but will going to a few days of Summer camp in July.
This month we decided to change Luke's preschool choice for September and have enrolled him in the country preschool, which just happens to be in the same building and room I was in for primary school many years ago so it'll be so lovely to drop and collect him there and seeing him share a bit of my childhood. It's a short walk from my parents house and it's right next door to our chosen primary school for him so he'll make the transition into there in 2 years time with the same friends from the preschool.

June saw the OH getting his college results, we are all very proud of overall distinction mark and he is looking forward to continuing his studies in September.
My SNA course has been going very well, we are almost finished the classes now but there is still assignments, essays and works experience to be done over the next few months but I am thoroughly enjoying the course and can't wait to get some hands on experience.

There's been a few more things going on the background here that have been keeping us busy so hopefully I can share some of that in the coming months but for now here we are in June, a very quick snap on Luke's birthday, he only came off the bouncy castle for minutes at a time so we just about managed to get these! You'll have to ignore our tired heads, it was at the end of the party and a very long day!

This months Luke loves:
  • Dinosaurs, anything to do with them, he got loads of dinosaur things for his birthday
  • Watching Play Doh videos on the tablet
  • Playing with his new Play Doh town set
This month Dad loves:
  • Watching Ireland in the Euros
  • Watching any other game of the Euros
  • Having a week off work and quality time with Luke
This month Mum loves:
  • Being out in the garden
  • Eating pretend pizza's Luke makes from his new Play Doh
  • Catching up on some Criminal Minds that have been on the Sky planner since Christmas, oops! 

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