Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Me & Mine August

It's the end of August and I feel like I can breathe a small sigh of relief. Another busy and hectic month but as this month draws to a close we can start winding down a little bit after the irregularity of the Summer and get ourselves back into a routine, there's nothing I love more than a good routine!

This month saw us celebrating birthdays, the OH turned 30, we managed a date night to the cinema, we potty trained Luke and he started preschool which is where our photo's were taken this month.

As I mentioned in my last post, he is attending preschool in the building that used to be my old primary school so it was a very nostalgic trip to bring him there yesterday. It's a lovely little place in the heart of the countryside and a short walk from my parents house which is handy seeing as his Nanny will be collecting him most days.

The potty training was a relief because he had to be done for preschool and it went surprisingly well, he had it sorted within in the first week and is completely nappy free now, night time included. Another sign that he is no longer a baby.

The OH has been busy preparing himself for his return to college and is at his induction day today. This is a 2 year course in the architectural field so he has a busy time ahead.

The students are beginning to filter back where I am working which is nice to see after an extremely busy Summer, I am looking forward to catching up on a few little jobs in the office that have been neglected during the busy Summer months.

It was a good August and a good Summer overall but as always I'm happy to see the Autumn creeping back in.

So here we are in August, bag on his back, delighted to be heading off to preschool:

This month Luke loves:

Bringing all of his dinosaurs into the bath 
Knowing that there is 2 more Luke's in his preschool
Kinder eggs

This month Dad loves:

Turning 30
Getting lots of vouchers to spend on himself
Seeing Luke head off to preschool kitted out in Avengers gear

This month Mum loves:

Finally getting my hair done
Giving the OH his birthday presents
Watching Luke take on the next stage in his little life

The Me and Mine Project

Monday, 29 August 2016

The Next Stage

So tomorrow off he goes, my independent 3 year old, to begin his preschool years.

The next step after his 2 days a week in play school where he learned so much and loved every minute of it. 

Now he'll be in preschool 4 days a week, an extra 2 days doing his thing, learning, making friends, discovering, adventuring and growing up that little bit more. 

We broke the ice with play school last year but this next step is a bit more daunting for me, it's another step closer to the life of "big" school, he won't be going just for the fun and games this year.

It's extra special for me as his new preschool is in my old primary school. A new school was built next door not long after I left and the old building was turned into a preschool. I'd  always hoped my own children would get a chance to go to that school as I have such fond memories of it. 

My 3 year old will be walking into the same room I walked out of as a 13 year old leaving 6th class all those years ago. I'm excited and scared and proud and can't wait to see him take on this new stage of his life like the trooper that he is. 


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Me & Mine July

Is it just me or does anyone else find it harder to blog during the Summer? Here it's a mixture of working being that bit busier, always being off out and about and making use of the longer evenings. Anyway here I am 3 days later than planned with our Me & Mine post. 

July was a busy month, the weeks go by in such a blur with work and then my days off are spent trying to pack in as much as I can with L before I'm back in the office again. This also means our house is in a tip but that's ok because there'll be a long Winter there when it's too wet to go out and I can catch up.
This month L went to Summer camp for 2 weeks, it was held in the place where he went to playschool so he was happy out going off each day because he already knew people there.
He also started swimming lessons, I can't even describe how cute he is with his swimming hat and goggles and giving his swimming teachers high fives. He loves it.
We also ended up having to get a new car in July as the OH's one decided to give up on us, an expense we could do without but we are delighted with the new one and much happier that it's running well and has the security of a garage warranty! 
We had a rare night out last weekend for a friends birthday and we were home again at the very respectable hour of midnight, I just can't party like I used to! 
I really need to write things down as the month goes by because when it comes to writing about it at the end I always seem to forget!

Anyway here we are in July:

This month Luke loves:

Playing football on the big green
Eating 99's, lots of them 

This month Dad loves:

His new phone
Teaching Luke a back kick (I think that's what it's called)
Dressing up as Thor for a charity event at work

This month Mum loves:

Spending some quality time with my oldest niece
Watching Luke give his swimming lessons his all
Finally catching up on Criminal Minds

The Me and Mine Project
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