Thursday, 8 September 2016

His Little Hands

It's time for bed now Luke
But I don't want to go to bed 
You have too bud, you have school tomorrow and you'll only be tired
I read my book?
OK go and get one then and we'll read it
We read it on your bed 

The book has been read twice, 99% of the time it's The Hungry Caterpillar.

Come on so, all done time for bed
But I'm not tired!
I know but you still have to go to bed

Cue a serious effort form Luke at crying because of this awful situation he's in but we head off to his room and settle down into the chair for our usual cuddle and his milk. 

You cuddle me Mum? 
I will bud, we'll have a snuggle for a few minutes
I really missed you Mum
I missed you too
Why did you have to go to work today?
To get money to pay for all our things
But Dad can get money at his work
I know buddy but we still need some more so that's why Mum goes to work too
But I really miss you when you're gone, you're my best friend
Aww you're my best friend too
And my Dad is too

But I want to go to your bed, my bed is yock
Why is your bed yock?
Coz it is, it's messy. Your room is clean
Luke if you go into my bed you must go to sleep straight away, no more messing now it's getting late
Ok Mum, I walk in myself

Off he totters across the hall...

You close your curtains
All done, now hop up on to my side and snuggle down
But you cuddle me Mum, just for a little while
Remember what I said, you must go straight to sleep, I need to go downstairs and tidy up
Aw but Mum please, just cuddle me

I reluctantly lie down beside, thinking of all that needs to be done before I can even sit down myself that evening

Come on now Lukey, you must close those eyes and go to sleep
And I have sweetdreams?
Yes you'll have lots of lovely sweet dreams
Come closer Mum, cuddle me properly 

I wrap my arms tight around him and he rubs my hair and begins naming out my facial features like he always does 

Come on now time to close your eyes

He pulls my face right up to his, our noses touching and his little hands wrapped firmly around the back of my neck, it's dark in the room but I can still see his gorgeous brown eyes as he looks into mine...

I really love you Mum, you're my best friend...and he nuzzles his face into my neck and lets out a sigh and in that moment in time, I want to stay forever, everything else can wait. 


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