Friday, 2 September 2016

Making The Most Of A Month - August

Ever feel like the days, weeks and months just whizz past? 

The last few months have gone by in a complete blur, as the Summer always does, but last month I decided to set myself some goals for the coming month, well not really goals but a few things I'd like to actually get done within the month and not just talk about it, forget and then kick myself when I realise another month has gone by and I've yet to do the things I needed or wanted to do. 

My head space is so limited at the moment, I feel like some days I don't know whether I'm coming or going and find it very hard to switch off at times. I found having my notebook with my monthly "to do" list in it very good at reminding me that there's other things I can concentrate on, things that don't zap my energy and things that I enjoy doing or will give me a much needed sense of accomplishment when they are done. 

I was given the notebook as a birthday gift and felt like it was the best one to use for my new idea. I keep it in my handbag so I always have itt with me and can whip it out when I think of something else to add or have a spare minute to read through what I have earmarked for the month. 

This quote has been the theme of this month. Behind the scenes here, it's been a bit of a stressful month during August, a good month on a lot of levels but harder than previous months too. I saw the above quote and it hit home with me about how I've been feeling lately and prompted me to take some time out when and where I can so I stuck it into my notebook as a reminder.

As you can see my plans for the month are quite simple: 
  • I'm delighted to say we did manage a date night to the cinema to watch Suicide Squad (killed to birds with the stone there!). 
  • I did start yoga, only did it once so far but it counts because I still started it, I will try to fit it in a bit more as I quite enjoyed it. 
  • My poor child finally got a haircut, he was only asking for it for about 2 weeks
  • Is there anything more annoying than playdoh being everywhere?! Don't get me started on the mixed colours but yes another ticked off my list, I got a big box to throw it all into so I don't have it all over the kitchen table.
  • Woohoo I managed 3 blog posts in August
  • Would you believe I didn't get a chance to get out for a walk during the whole month, work, life, clashing schedules with the OH meant there was no free time to get out and stretch my legs, it'll be re-added to Septembers list
  • No books were read here either, I was being a bit ambitious with that one seeing as it was such a busy month 
Overall I felt quite happy at the end of the month, I was ticking things off as I went which made it feel like I was very organised.
I'm looking forward to seeing what I can fit in September and hoping I have another successful round up at the end of the month and hopefully have a few more pictures to accompany my post.



  1. When the kids go back to school on Monday I will be writing a to do list - like you say time goes so quickly and I need to manage it better x

    1. Some weeks go by and I honestly don't know what I've done with my time! Currently writing my September list 🙂


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