Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Becoming Mum

Becoming Mum, that's now what you'll be
The guiding force for your little baby
Life as you know it will no longer be 
Because of your precious little baby
It's going to be tough, I'm not going to lie
But as long as it's your best that's all you can try
The nights will be long
The days will be too
But you, as his mother, will be strong 
And this will carry you through
Please don't be scared
You'll be fine, you'll see
For that baby you'll care
Don't ever doubt that, trust me
Your love for him is all he needs
Wrapped up in your protective arms
Keeping him safe from any harm 
It's only you he'll see
Some days will be tough
But that's ok
Cry if you must
Just remember you're allowed a rough day
When your eyes are heavy
And all you want to do is sleep
But there's a little person still going steady
Stopping you from catching even a blink
Just remember to close your eyes when he eventually does too
Snuggle up with your baby 
Those moments are too precious to lose
Everything else can wait
Don't stress yourself out
Just remember we are all here
To give you a helping hand
You are not on your own
Wherever we are, you have a home 
So love your little baby in the best way that you can
Always remember though that nothing goes to plan
So take each day as it comes 
You'll soon figure out your own way of things
As long as you and your baby are happy
Well I'd call that a win
So look at him for hours
Cuddle him for days
Cherish every moment 
Because those moments tend not to stay
Time flashes by in a way you never imagined 
Soon you'll look back wondering what has just happened
He'll grow up in the blink of an eye
And a proud Mama you'll be 
Proud of yourself and your little baby


*I wrote this poem for this beautiful girl who is my niece and any day now she is due to have her first baby, I'm so excited for her, she's scared I'm sure but she's an amazingly strong person who will be an equally amazingly strong mother* 

All words and images are my own. 



  1. This is true beauty in the highest light!

  2. My beautiful granddaughter. 💗

  3. My beautiful granddaughter. 💗

  4. That is beautiful Louise, your niece will be a wonderful Mum and she is very lucky to have your support.

  5. That's beautiful Louise, she will be a great mum, and she's so lucky to have an aunt like you looking out for her too x

  6. This is so lovely Louise, knowing that you are all there for her, surrounding her with love, will help her through the tough days and celebrate the great days x

  7. Louise I have no little ones and this made me well up! Such a lovely poem xx Good luck Jade, your baby is blessed to enter this lovely family xxxx


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