Saturday, 1 October 2016

Me & Mine September

Work, college, preschool, work, eat, sleep, repeat.

This has been our September. We have all been so busy doing the above that we just about got time to grab a picture. They are ridiculously grainy though!
Luke has settled really ell into preschool, he loves going in everyday.  
The OH has settled into college, it's busy, he doesn't get time to scratch but it will all be worth it when he finishes.
I am looking forward to settling into a 4 day week at work again which I started at the end of September and getting some free time to catch up on everything else.

Here we are in September:

This month Luke loves:

Playing on the slide at preschool
Going to soft play with his friends on Fridays
Eating Kinder eggs

This month Dad loves:

Doing projects at college
Catching up on the Sky Planner
Doing Batista bombs with Luke

This month Mum loves:

Having some time off work and doing the school run
Organising my dresser and making some space
The slightly colder nights

The Me and Mine Project


  1. You can see the joy in those photos! i know what you mean about September it feels like the month of routine! x

    1. Looking forward the Halloween celebrations in October now to break up the routine again :)

  2. ahhh nice snuggly family captures. Those are great moments to cherish. #meandmineproject


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