Saturday, 26 November 2016

Christmas Gifts Ideas #1

I'm not sure about anyone else but every year everyone in my family is stumped when it comes to buying for my Dad. He has everything he needs and wants, I owns every single cd of Luke Kelly and The Dubliners there is, we buy books, he falls asleep during the first page even though he still likes to add to his collection, he's a workaholic so doesn't have much time for hobbies except for his garden, he doesn't have a smart phone and wouldn't even know how to turn on the laptop. It means that each year we have to be either more creative or more practical so I've put together a few ideas on how we can buy for him this year which might help anyone else who has a similar person in their circle:

  1. Work wear is the most obvious I guess isn't it? Dad always wears body warmers rather than jackets and this one from Engelbert Strauss is ideal for Winter time
  2. While he's an expert at DIY at this stage it always helps to have a manual on hand. I found this one over on Book Depository
  3. Lounge wear, not pjs for my Dad! After a long day at work, he likes to relax in something comfy but not pjs, this set from Debenhams is just right especially as he doesn't like long sleeves.
  4. As well as a workaholic he's a fond of a good brew, cuppa tae so a new travel mug for his truck would be much appreciated I'm sure. I found this one on Homestore + More
  5. We have one of these chairs in our own house and he claims it everytime he calls in so I think it's time he got his own. This one is quite reasonable and I found it over at Littlewoods Ireland
I'll be sharing this gift guide with the rest of the family so help buy for the hardest person in the family this year. 
Do you have any gift guides for the upcoming festive season? I'd love to see them.


Friday, 11 November 2016

Creating A Work Space

Our spare room is no longer occupied and we've decided to try and turn it into a work / study space for ourselves. Well more for the OH as he needs a decent area to get study done which involves a lot of drawing so we need somewhere we can spread our stuff out and not be distracted. 

I'm hoping to stick with the grey colour scheme we have in the living room, more so because we have a load of ti left over and I can't see it go to waste but also because its a really bright shade and wold brighten up the room loads. Dark colours won't work in there as there is only the one small window which doesn't let in a lot of light at certain times of the day. I love the idea of VELUX windows and if I had free reign to do as I please I would definitely get those put in. They can be jazzed up with blinds which would be great for adding a bit of character to the room.

I'd need to have a minimalist look in any kind of work space because I can't stand clutter, it stresses me out, I love the layout of this one: 

Photo Credit:
I love the look of this office, you can right through the underneath of the desk which gives no space for clutter to gather. All files are lined up neatly at the back too. I had plenty of filing boxes and folders ready to go anyway. 

Photo Credit:

How amazing are those built ins? Built ins are the way forward for me, they give so much storage space while freeing up more floor space in the room. The drawing board would be ideal for the OH as he is currently studying architecture, would make a big difference from leaning over the kitchen table! I'm hoping to source one second hand for him but no luck yet. 

Photo Credit:

I need one of these for my iMac too, I haven't seen them in the shops so will probably have to order them online but it will be a great way of keeping the desk op tidy.

As you can tell my theme is more neat and tidy than anything else! Have you got a work space in your home? I'd love some more inspiration. 


Friday, 4 November 2016

Me & Mine October

October went by in a blur, not necessarily a good busy blur but more of a tired blur. I came down with sickness twice in the month, lost my voice at the beginning and had a rotten head cold at the end which Luke picked up as well. Motivation and energy has been at all time low.
The OH has been swamped with college work too so it's really been a bit full on for us this month. I was happy to see the end of the month more so because I now have a few days off work.

We have still managed to smile though and get out and about, none of the things on my to do list for October were done but that's ok, we'll start again for November.
We got out for a night with some friends to a local table quiz, we scored near the end but had fun. 
Luke finished his second round of swimming lessons although we need to take him ourselves a bit more between classes to improve his confidence in the water but he's doing good.

This Halloween was also the best. Luke is that bit older now and he thoroughly enjoyed himself going trick 'n' treating with his friend and there was loads of kids and parents out this year, it made for a really nice atmosphere. 

October did bring a new member of the family in the form of my gran-nephew, Eliot. Hpice is the most adorable thing ever and I am so proud of my niece, Jade for nurturing him and bringing him into the world and our lives. 

I'm really looking forward to recuperating and recharging in November before the rush of December comes.

Here we are in October: 

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