Saturday, 26 November 2016

Christmas Gifts Ideas #1

I'm not sure about anyone else but every year everyone in my family is stumped when it comes to buying for my Dad. He has everything he needs and wants, I owns every single cd of Luke Kelly and The Dubliners there is, we buy books, he falls asleep during the first page even though he still likes to add to his collection, he's a workaholic so doesn't have much time for hobbies except for his garden, he doesn't have a smart phone and wouldn't even know how to turn on the laptop. It means that each year we have to be either more creative or more practical so I've put together a few ideas on how we can buy for him this year which might help anyone else who has a similar person in their circle:

  1. Work wear is the most obvious I guess isn't it? Dad always wears body warmers rather than jackets and this one from Engelbert Strauss is ideal for Winter time
  2. While he's an expert at DIY at this stage it always helps to have a manual on hand. I found this one over on Book Depository
  3. Lounge wear, not pjs for my Dad! After a long day at work, he likes to relax in something comfy but not pjs, this set from Debenhams is just right especially as he doesn't like long sleeves.
  4. As well as a workaholic he's a fond of a good brew, cuppa tae so a new travel mug for his truck would be much appreciated I'm sure. I found this one on Homestore + More
  5. We have one of these chairs in our own house and he claims it everytime he calls in so I think it's time he got his own. This one is quite reasonable and I found it over at Littlewoods Ireland
I'll be sharing this gift guide with the rest of the family so help buy for the hardest person in the family this year. 
Do you have any gift guides for the upcoming festive season? I'd love to see them.


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