Thursday, 1 December 2016

Me & Mine November

The end of November means the start of December and all the festivities that come with it but before we get started on all that, here's how our November was for us.

November started off a bit rocky but we soon turned it around and it was actually a very nice, calm month. We have been blighted by the usual Winter sickness, more so Luke than the rest of us, he's had a bit of a rough 2 weeks with croup but he's on the mend now.
November saw the OH graduate from the college and course he attended last year, we were very proud of him. It's one step further in the direction he wants to go and he's working as hard as ever this month for the course he's currently doing which will see him graduate again in 2018.
November saw us all out and about but I don't think we managed a day out all 3 of us together, December will soon make up for that.

So here we are in November on the OH's big night:

This month Luke loves:

Paw Patrol...again
Buying his Paw Patrol advent calendar
Finding his Paw Patrol hat after we lost it in Heatons

This month Dad loves:

Graduation night
Picking up Christmas presents for Luke
Finishing some projects

This month Mum loves:

Taking some time for myself
Attending a meeting for a National Womens Forum
A spa day with friends



  1. Lovely family captures. Looking glamorous family for the festive season too. #meandmineproject

  2. Yay for graduation! It's lovely to have some quieter times - especially in the run up to Christmas when it can so often be so hectic xx #meandmineproject


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