Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dropping A Ball

I'm always busy. There's always something that needs to be done, people to be organised, lunches and dinners to be sorted, a 4 year old to look after, a full time job to go to, family gatherings, meet ups with friends, events to plan for, cumann business to attend to, a partner working 2 jobs so I've to make sure he doesn't over do it and run himself into the's a constant juggle and there's a lot of balls in the air all the time, there's been no let up in that for a while now.

However recently I have suffered a back injury that has forced me to slow down and step back and drop one of those many balls I juggle on a daily basis. 
I thought I was fine, I mean all I did was slip on water, not fall but whatever way I jerked myself back to keep myself upright has resulted in some pretty painful damage.
I went to the doctor who gave me a prescription, I said I'd be fine for work because I can sit and stand as I needed so wouldn't be stuck in the same position, also I don't take sick days lightly.

Two weeks later and I still wasn't feeling right, in fact it was getting worse so back to the doctor I went. I need to say here that up until this incident I felt like I was finally on top of things health wise - I'd finally got my shoulder seen to by the physio, the migraines had stopped, I was out walking again, taking my supplements and really felt good so to be in this kind of muscle pain again I felt like I was being thrown backwards.

A few tears to the doctor and her advice was to take time off work so that she could prescribe stronger medication and that I rest up properly, no unnecessary driving and that would in turn help ease the pain and heal the injury faster. 
I didn't take the time off work part lightly nor the resting up as I really don't have time for that but I had to admit defeat and one of those balls in the air had to drop for a while.

So here I am 2 days into sick leave with deep heat and Valium as my new best friends and I am resting, for the first time since I was pregnant I'd say, I'm resting up. 
It feels a bit weird and yesterday I felt like I should be doing something, I'll admit I logged into my work email and answered a few emails but I wasn't quite comfortable with this whole doing nothing. 

Do you know what though? I need this, not only for a hopefully speedy recovery but I needed it for my mind. To have that little bit of control taken out of my hands and being told to stop, even just for the week is what my body and mind needed. 

Movement is restricted obviously and I'm spending time trying to get comfortable either sitting, standing or walking but I'm not over exerting myself. I've managed a bit of cleaning, did a small food shop but everything else can wait.

It's funny how now it can wait but up until this point I couldn't leave anything go, everything had to be done and it had to be done there and then.

I hate the thought of letting my co workers down and it's not something I'd do lightly but right now it's a must and they are chugging along just fine without me. 

So sometimes, like a lot of us I'm sure, sometimes we have to let a ball or 2 drop, just for ourselves, to keep ourselves in check and remember to look after number 1 - me, because if I don't look after myself properly then I can't do any of the above to the best of my ability.

It's a tad annoying it's taken a back injury to slow me down but silver linings and all that eh?!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

My Nametags ~ Review

Picture Credit:

I know, I know it's only July and here I am talking about back to school already but I like to be prepared!

I have been meaning for ages to get name tags for L's belongings, I mean for like the last year. There's a few Luke's in his preschool so it's good to be able separate their stuff should it get mixed up, by being able to look on the label for a name. However as usual I put it on my very long list of things to and promptly forgot about it...until there was a mix up with his Paw Patrol hat which resulted in him having to come home without it one day as someone else who had the same hat had picked it up by mistake...he was not impressed.

So when I got an email not long after the Paw Patrol hat incident asking would we like to review 
My Nametags it was perfect timing. 

We designed our stickers and added L's full name and a contact number. We picked from a selection of fonts for the writing. There are lots of lovely icons you can choose form to add to the labels, we had a very tough decision between a digger and a dinosaur! I wanted something bright that would catch the eye so we added in the blue cloud background.

I've rubbed out the phone number part here for privacy reasons obviously :)
They come on a sheet so you can peel them of with ease and then store the rest away. I would have a taken a picture of this but after I took a few to stick on to some items of Luke's he hid the stickers on me because he said they were his and I couldn't use them!! Would you believe me if I said I haven't seen them since? I have no idea where he put them so I really need to order more. 

They were with us within a couple of days and I was very impressed with them. I chose the stickers instead of the iron on labels, more because I wouldn't have the patience to iron them on.

They are small enough that they fit perfectly on to the labels that are already on the clothes so I've been busy putting them on all of his coats, hats, schoolbag, lunchbox etc.

I wasn't sure if they would stick to the different kinds of fabric but so far so good and they have held up very well in the wash after the last few months of preschool.

I feel like the picture doesn't do it justice because of the reflection of the flash but I would have taken more...again had Luke not hid them on me!!

I'd definitely recommend adding these to your "Back To School" shopping list.

*We were sent this item for the purpose of this review, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own*

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

HD Brows @ DKH

I love a good eyebrow. I tend not to leave the house without them done properly, it used to be my eyeliner but the eyebrows have taken over. They frame the face don't they, give it that final touch. 
I've only ever had them waxed and plucked by the same 2 people, I'm fussy and they know me so well so it's a no brainer. 

I found with mine though that sometimes they look a little sparse in places and shorter on one side due to a scar from a failed eyebrow piercing many moons ago. When the foundation goes well they almost disappear then, cue lots of colouring in. Most days I get them right, some days it's hard to follow the natural shape of my eyebrows and they end up looking wrong.

So when I was invited to come into DKH in Cobh to try out their new HD brows I jumped at the chance. 

DKH have recently expanded their range of services as well as moving to a bigger premises. 
The DKH team now offer make up artists services, HD brows, lash extensions, gelish nails, waxing as well as their usual high quality hair dressing services, when it comes to colour I can't recommend them enough. 

I was met by the very lovely Rosie Higgins who was going to be looking after me on the day. Rosie is also the in house make up artist. 

In Rosie's own words:
"A lot of people are under the impression HD brows need to be thick boxy dark brows - this is not the case. These brows are light and natural and I always take care to follow my clients wants and likes when doing their brows" 

We talked through the look I wanted and I expressed that I felt like they were a bit too short and patchy and wanted a longer, more fuller look. 

Rosie explained how she would achieve that and started off with the tint. I need to point out how super comfortable the chair was, I was able to sit back and relax while she was working. 
There was waxing and threading in order to achieve the shape I wanted as well as working with my own natural shape. 
She then finished them off by using an eyebrow pencil to give them a smooth finish and talking me through how to do it so I can achieve the same finish myself at home.

I really liked how they turned out, even when I have my foundation on now I could easily get away without having to fill them. Its just so convenient if I'm rushing in the mornings, which I usually am, that I can afford to leave my eyebrows without them looking ridiculous or non existent against the rest of my make up.

They are expected to last for around 4 weeks and I'm already 10 days in and they have shown no signs of fading yet. 

This treatment costs €40 and in my opinion it's worth every penny. I'll definitely be going back to get them again.

DKH is located in 4 Harbour Row, Cobh and can be contacted on 021 4855319.

*I was offered this treatment for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

Friday, 14 July 2017

Fitzgerald's Park

Last weekend we headed off to Fitzgeralds park in Cork City for a change. Being in Cobh we tend to stick to the East Cork surrounding areas and because I work in the city I really don't want to be up there on my day off. 

I'd heard great things about the park and Luke is always excited to discover a new playground, so we packed up a few sandwiches and drinks and took off for a nosey. 

It's located on the outskirts of the city not too far from UCC and there is parking spaces situated around the parameter of the park itself, we managed to take one of the last available spaces. You don't even feel like you are in the city once you are down by the park, it's quite peaceful.

Luke was very impressed with the playground and I liked the sand aspect, although not so much when he kept asking to take off his shoes. It's quite big and considering the amount of kids that were there on the day there was plenty of room for them all to pay. 

We walked through the park and over to the famous Shaky Bridge. I'm not a fan of heights or of walking on tings that I can see the underneath so I held back but Luke took off across with his cousin and her friend, my nerves! They don't call it the Shaky bridge for no reason!

There's a fabulous rose garden on the other side of the park near the river, full with pretty colours and people relaxing. We sat here for a bit while having an ice cream which we purchased from the perfectly positioned ice cream van, there no chance of Luke not seeing it!

I was quite surprised at how big the park is, you definitely get lost in there for a few hours taking in all the surroundings and water features and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

An ideal spot if you want to grab a blanket and a little picnic and just relax and watch the world go by for a while.

This weekend in Fitzgerlad's Park, Ireland's biggest free Summer festival, City Spectacular will take place. There'll be lots of family friendly entertainment on with international street performers, interactive family activities as well as some international street food. So if you're looking for something to do this weekend why not head down. 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Stop The World...We're Getting Off For The Weekend

I am on Day 6 of an 8 day stretch at work this week. I'm mentally prepared, it's the same every Summer in this job, that's ok because it's only this busy for a short few months and then it slows down a bit and we catch our breath.
I can deal with this, 9 years now and I'm well used to it. 

At 4 years old, Luke really notices it though, he asked me this morning how many more days until I have no work and I tell him 2 more mornings of leaving the house while hes still in his pjs and arriving back just before he gets back into those pjs and I'm all his. 

It's tough on me to hear that, but not as tough as it was the first Summer I worked after he was born, not as tough as it was the second time either. I can cope, I've finally managed to appease that niggly old friend of mine, Mother's Guilt, for a while. I've become matter of fact, this is the way it needs to be right now, not forever but for now. Knowing we have a plan in place to change our circumstances over the next couple of years gives me a sense of security and slight content because in my head it allows me to get through the hard days at work and the long days away from my boy.

I'm off this weekend and I had great plans to do the ironing, sort out the hot press, do the gardening, visit some friends,....but then I saw his little face this morning, so accepting and understanding of the fact that he still has to wait another 2 days before his Mum is his for a while, I thought feck it. This weekend is about us, whatever that may be, even if we don't do anything in particular we're going to do it together. It's so easy to get caught up in trying to keep on top of things, I end up giving out more, shouting a little louder, growing that bit more anxious.
He can lead what we do and I'm going to soak up every minute of my time with him. I'll still do some bits and pieces but they will be a second thought. I don't want to spend our weekend with him being told to wait until I finish such and such a thing. He deserves that time and attention. 

While I may been able to bring myself to a matter of fact way of thinking, he can't, he's only little and as much as loves spending time with his Grandparents, cousins and Aunty he loves having his Mum and Dad around. 

I'm all for getting on with life and having a "that's just the way things are for now" attitude and powering through but sometimes you have to stand back and break ranks. Take time out, forget what needs to be done and just do what I want to do, those things will still be there when I am ready to tackle them. Sometimes I just need to focus on me and my little one, engage with him on higher than usual level, give him my undivided attention, pull his security blanket in around him that little bit tighter, his Mum and Dad being that security blanket. 
Sometimes I just need to stop our busy little world and take us off to sit back and just enjoy each other.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

June Round Up

I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief now that June is over, it was so so busy!

We had birthdays, hen parties, days away - I felt like I was chasing my tail all month but all in a good way.

June saw my little boy turn 4, yes 4, how is that even possible?! We had a great pirate themed party in my parents house, like we do every year. The weather was a bit erratic, strong winds but nothing that could dampen the spirits of the kiddies. We are usually so lucky with weather for his parties so I can't complain really. I made his cake this year and it went down a storm. I usually get it made and while the decoration is always fab I just found the cakes themselves didn't taste as nice as I'd hoped so thought this year I'd give it a bash. The decoration wasn't the best but it tasted great even if I do say so myself and it cost way cheaper too and sure don't I love to save a few bob here and there! 

The end of the month saw me take a trip to Killarney for my best friends hen party and we had a great time. Myself and one of the other girls put togehter a memory photo album where there was pictures form all across the years and we all wrote a memory in it, totes emosh but such a sweet keepsake to have. I'll be bawling at the wedding, she's the first of my close friends to get married so I better pack some extra tissues in August! We did a cocktail class and went for dinner in 2 fabulous place sin Killarney, Cellar One and La Rambla. This place served the most amazing tapas, there was so much food and it was all so delicious, I will definitely go back there again!

Mid June I also went on a day trip to Leinster House with my Sinn Fein comrades and we had a great day out. It was very interesting too see the chambers of the Dail and visit the floor with all the offices for the SF TD's. We took a walk to see the Tree of Hope and had lunch there. There was a great buzz around the place and I would hope to visit again someday.

This month has also seen me discover Doireann Garrihy - oh stop the lights, this woman is hilarious! Her Snapchats crack me up and I can't contain myself when she does her impressions of other bloggers, seriously go follow her! 

My new go to product this month is the Rimmel #Insta Conceal & Correct. I love the coverage it gives and the finish under my foundation, I picked it up in my local Boots but I've seen it on all the Rimmel stands lately. 
I also finished the decorating in our spare room turned office but it still needs a final few touches so will share the outcome soon, you can see a picture in the collage though.

We have been up the walls with work this month, it's been really busy for both of us but sure it keeps us going. We did manage a day off together at the end of the month so had a cinema and treat day with Luke, he was thrilled to have us both off with him. 

July seems to be a quieter month so we can catch our breath and gear ourselves up for August which is another busy month in the Tattooed Lady With A Baby headquarters.

How was June for you?

Monday, 12 June 2017

Make It With Words - Father's Day Gift Idea

Anyone who knows me knows that I love nothing more than a personalised gift.
The effort and thought that goes into picking the right one, making the personal touches and choosing a design that's suited best to the person you are giving it to.

So of course I am delighted to be reviewing an item from the lovely people over at 
Make It With Words, who specialise in bespoke gifts, prints and accessories.

The packaging itself is so pretty and the gift came really well presented. All ready to give to my recipient without me having to make any final touches. 

I chose the Best Grandad coaster as it's perfect for Luke's tea drinking Grandad and I liked the message as it had meaning for both Dad and Grandad. It's made form cherrywood with a felt bottom to protect those surfaces. We got it personalised with mine and Luke's name. This particular one is €12.50. 

Delivery was super fast and my item was with me within 2 days. I was very impressed with the quality of the product and the short time frame it took to reach us.

There have a whole range of different gift ideas over on the website and the team have very kindly offered all readers of Tattooed Lady With A Baby a 20% discount code!. So if you are stuck for gift ideas for this coming weekend, why not check out Make It With Words and use the following discount code: MAKEITFORDAD17

Sunday, 11 June 2017

4 Years Old

Today you are 4. 
Oh sweet boy where has the time gone?! 

You light up my world in a way that I never could have imagined. 

Every morning when I see your sleepy little head in front of my face, ready to start another day, my heart bursts with pride that little bit more. No matter what time of the morning, even those mornings when I can't even open my eyes, you make it that little bit easier. 

Your understanding of the world around you amazes me everyday, you are so clued in and there is definitely no wool being pulled over your eyes. You want the facts, straight answers, none of this fobbing you off with baby explanations. Your Nanny says I was just like you as a child. 

Once we explain something to you and not just spring it on you out of the blue, you are ok with it. This mostly applies to when I may have to leave you for a while outside of my usual work hours. You'll ask me if I have a meeting or an exercise class to go to, or if Dad is going out to football, it's very funny actually.

You have no idea how much I love your random bursts of affection, the kiss on the cheek or the hug out of the blue, the "I missed you" after I come home from work or the "I love you Mom" for no reason other than you want me to know that. You are such a loving boy and I hope it's something you'll always be. Of course you know this also gets you out of trouble sometimes too.

I love the excitement in your voice when you finally get a chance to tell me about your day, who you played with at preschool, what you learned that day and the utter pride in the pictures that have made that week. Sometimes when I ask you how was school, you respond with "I didn't make you a picture today" and a bit of a sad look but that's ok. 

I love our Sunday morning chills after Dad has gone to work and we climb back into my bed for a while, you watching your tablet, me just relaxing and enjoying the quiet time and we lie there in contentment. I relish those moments because I know that all too soon you'll be running out the door to play with your friends on the weekends, not chilling out with your Mama. 

Your new thing at the moment is, when I lie down with you at night time, you snuggle down to bring our foreheads together and you tell me that I have to stay there forever with you, you are a heartbreaker! 

We can't forget that you a total diva either, oh my can you turn on the hysterics when you want to. Just tonight it was because your Dad said he had to put your cream on your face, like we do every night and you had a meltdown over it. 

Your are brave but cautious, easy going but serious when it matters, happy but an emotional little thing. 

It seems like only a few months ago I was bringing you home from the hospital, totally unaware of what was ahead of us but d'ya know what? We are doing just fine.

Happy Birthday my little buddy

Thursday, 11 May 2017

5 Essential Baby Items

Having a new baby around the house recently (well, my godson is 6 months now but he's still the newest baby!) got me thinking about items that came in useful to me when L was a baby. 
I definitely had way more stuff than necessary or some things that never even got used or items that were used a few times but were actually more of hindrance than anything. 

So I've complied a list of the 5 items that I found the most useful when having a new baby in the house. 

  1. Cosatto Changing Unit  - This was a life saver for me. I suffer with a bad back form an old RTA injury and this made changing, washing, dressing etc so much easier as I didn't have to bend down. We kept it in the alcove under stairs and wheeled it our when needed. It's great for storage too. I have safely stored away in the attic just in case there's a need to use it again. This is the one we had and we actually got it for a absolute bargain second hand for €30.00 and it was like brand new.

  2. Bath Seat - This made bath time so much easier and more relaxed. We were given one of these when L was born and I was little unsure at the start but it was much more convenient to bath him lying in this rather than trying to lean over the bath and hold him. Also I;m not sure about anyone else but holding a baby in water is quite stressful and I was always afraid he'd slip or something! Bath time was a nightly feature during the bed time routine so we got lot of use out of it. 

  3. Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer  - L was bottle fed and we would prep his bottles for the day every morning. I didn't like the idea of giving him a cold bottle so would just pop it into the bottle warmer for a minute or so just before his next feed and it would be the perfect temperature by the time he was ready for it. Was so handy to bring upstairs with us during the night too. We got ours in Mothercare with a voucher we were given when he was born. 

  4. Pram Clips - A vital tool when shopping with a pram, there's only so much you can fit in the basket underneath the pram! My bestie gave me one of these, I'd never seen them before and they are so handy to clip your bags on to when you are out and about in the shops. 

  5. Homeopathic Remedies - It's no secret Luke hit every regression with his sleeping pattern and  he had a hard time teething, as babies do and I swear by 2 homeopathic remedies that I've written about here and here. They made such a difference to him during these phases and helped get us through the tough days. Homeopathy isn't for everyone but I highly recommend it from personal experience. 
Hopefully some people may find this list helpful.
What are essential items when there' s a new baby in the house? 

*All thoughts and opinions are my own. I have not been asked by any of the companies mentioned to review these products and links are provided purely for convenience to find a product.*

Saturday, 6 May 2017

April Round Up

April you were a busy one!

For the first time this year it was not filled with stress and worry and we actually enjoyed the month. I had a week off work so got to indulge in some quality family time. 

Easter took place obviously and on Good Friday I was selling the Easter Lily pins in my town and we also fit in an Easter egg hunt. Easter Sunday morning myself, Luke and his Grandad went to the Youghal Easter Rising Commemoration where we marched behind a Republican band and listened to speeches from some of the Sinn Féin TD's that were present on the day. It was a great morning and a privilege to take part in it. While we didn't have our usual Easter Sunday family dinner it was still nice and that night I got out for some much needed drinks with the girls.

We had 2 trips to Fota Wildlife park during the month. Luke loves it there and we can spend hours in there. We also went to Fota Gardens a few times, it's a lovely place to bring the kids on their bikes or for a stroll around. Both of these are only a short few minutes drive from our house and we are so lucky that they are on our door step. 

We did a lot of exploring during the month in our local area and had a lovely evening walk in the local woods. You can walk right through and down to the strand, there's some lovely views down there. We went to to the local Farmer's Market in Midleton where we had the most delicious stonebaked pizza and we took a drive along the back roads of East Cork. It's so easyto take for granted the things and surroundings we see everyday but we really do live in a beautiful part of the country and we really need to appreciate it some more.

I mentioned last month about Luke's skin and suffering from orbital dermatitis, well I wasn't happy with the way it was going so he went back to the doctor and they described him as having atopic eczema / asthma. I think I'm right in saying that means he has the symptoms without having the actual diagnosis if you get me. Anyway he was prescribed an anti histamine, emollient cream, and granuales that he has to take at night time and there has been such an improvement since and he's back to sleeping properly. His eyes still aren't fully better so he has been referred to a dermatologist to get this looked at some more but overall there's been a vast improvement. 

The camera has been out and about a lot this month and I'm currently working on a gift idea for the parents, I won't say much here just incase the Mothership is reading but I will share once it's done.

The Fitbit has had me out and about more in April. I've managed to fit in some walks during my lunch breaks and some evening walks. Of course the first night I headed out it lashed rain and I got soaked but it wasn't enough to deter me. I'm really struggling with my fitness at the moment, according to the Fitbit I'm in the end of the "Fair" section on the scale and I'm determined to bring that up. With an energetic, almost 4 year old it's important that I can keep up with him. Weight is a whole other issue but right now I'm trying to focus on the fitness part and hopefully the weightloss will fall into that as well. 

Recommendation of the month goes to Alfaparf Pigments Hydrating Shampoo.

May looks set to be another busy month and we are looking forward to some warmer weather, hopefully!

How was your April??

Monday, 1 May 2017

Me & Mine April

April, you were a busy one! It felt like a long month because we managed to cram so much in to it I think.

April saw us taking a step back from life's stresses a bit. We had a break from work, college, preschool and some time to just spend together and relax. It was badly needed after the manic first 3 months of the year. 

The weather was a bit unpredictable as it usually is in April but we really made the most of being outdoors as much as we could and we love it. Luke loves nothing more than running around outside.

Easter was a quiet affair, we usually have a family dinner but this year we didn't and it was actually quite nice to just go about our day at a leisurely pace and do our own thing. 

For once this month we weren't rushing around trying to get a last minute photo and the Mothership actually took these of us at the local. Easter Egg hunt.

Here we are in April:

This month Luke loves:

Playing "I'll be the good guy and you'll be the bad guys and I'll catch you"
Mickey Mouse Club House
Getting out and about in the garden with his Grandparents

This month Dad loves:

Two weeks off college
Having us visit him at work
Topping up his tan at work - he works mostly outside and only needs to look at the sun to get a tan!

This month Mum loves:

Catching up with friends over lunch and drinks
Finally getting my hair cut
Getting a walk in most days, the FitBit won't let me sit still! 

The Me and Mine Project

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Alfaparf Pigments Hydrating Shampoo Review

Any regular readers of my blog know that I rarely, if ever review beauty products but y'know when you find something new that changes your world (perhaps a slight exaggeration!) that you just need to share it with everyone?!! 

I've been a L'Oreal Elvive girls for years when it comes to shampoos and conditioners especially the latest Fibrology ones because my hair is quite flat and lacking volume so that always gave it a bit of a boost there. They are always on offer too so would always get them on a "Buy one get one free" basis. In regards to colour though they didn't preserve it for very long and it would fade quite quickly after getting it done particularly with the red and purple colours I go for. 

However the last colour I put in, back in March, was magenta and I was determined to try and keep it vibrant for as long as possible. Enter Pigments Hydrating Shampoo by Alfaparf:

I picked up a bottle of this in my hairdressers after getting my colour done along with the Violet Ash pigment, you mix that in with the shampoo and just make sure you give the bottle a good shake before using.
I won't lie it's usually the price of the salon products that turn me off and could they really be worth much more like? Would they really do such a better job? It's a big 'hell yeah' where this is concerned and I only really realised it when I ran out and used my normal shampoo for a couple of weeks before going back to the hairdressers. My colour almost immediately faded. (My hairdresser, the lovely Debbie is probably reading this saying "I told you so"!)  
When using the Pigments shampoo I didn't need to use any additional conditioner and my hair felt fabulous. Way easier to manage and stronger and it didn't get greasy half as quick. I wash my hair every second day but with this I could leave an extra day or 2 depending on what I'd been up to. 

The 2 products were €18, I think, I can't quite remember because I paid for it along with my colour that day but honestly worth every penny. I'm on to my second bottle now and honestly I just love it, the shine on my hair is amazing.

As always thanks to DKH Hair in Cobh, Co Cork for helping change my ways and show my hair some love. This product, along with others can be purchased in the salon, just click on the salon name above there for further details on how to contact Debbie and her team.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

March Round Up

March has gone by in a blur. I had some lovely time off over St Patricks Weekend, I took a couple of mid week days off and it was so nice to be able to do the school run and get some nice dinners ready and spend the the afternoons with the boy child. He was so happy to have me there and he is such great company at the moment. It made my return to work that little bit harder than usual.

I'm going to be straight up here, I'm not too impressed with how 2017 is going, it's a lot more stressful than I anticipated and I was really hoping for a quiet year. Nonetheless I always try to  remain grateful and appreciative and remember there are so many more who are worse off than me. 

March has been spent trying to get a bit of Spring cleaning done and sorting out the spare room to try and make it more spacious in the hopes of turning it into a study / office. We have removed the bed and replaced the wardrobe with a better one in the hopes of utilising it for storage space. I am shocked that I can regularly find tings to throw out / give away, we have so much stuff. 
We were recently sent some products from Milton to review and they came just at the right time. I find the anti bacterial spray and the wipes ideal for cleaning the boy child's bedroom and toy area. Well when I say toy area that basically means the whole house because there is toys everywhere! It surprises me just how dirty and mucky the toys can get, he's gone passed the stage of putting things in his month but he now likes to make "drinks" and "dinners" for us in his kitchen and sometimes this involves using real food and drinks! As you can imagine it can get quite messy. The boy child has a bit of a thing against hand dryers at the moment too, I think he just finds them too loud and a bit scary so if we are out and about and he needs to use the bathroom it's a battle to get him to wash his hands because he thinks he'll have to use the dryer so the hand sanitiser that we were also sent is the perfect size to keep in my handbag and keep those germs at bay.

Speaking of the boy child, most of March has been spent trying to find some relief for the orbital dermatitis he is suffering from. It's looks like eczema around his eyes and can be brought on by the use of inhalers and steroids which due to a bad chest and croup for a lot of the Winter he was on both. He looks terrible with it, like he's done a few rounds in the boxing ring! We have found some relief for him though by using special wipes for the eyes that my Mum picked up in the chemist and keeping it moisturised with Haldens cream or Silcock's Base.He still has a touch of the cough too so after reading some reviews we decided to try a salt clinic. One opened up recently in East Cork in Midleton and we have had 2 sessions there now. I'll do a full post on that at a later stage I think because there seems to be lots of benefits to it. 

I had my first request to make cupcakes for people other than my family and friends, very exciting! A work friend was organising her friend's hen party and asked would I make a batch of Where's Wally themed cupcakes for their night away. It's very nerve wracking knowing that strangers were going to be eating my baking!

We finally got to out in the garden, yay!! My tulips were beginning to blossom in the packaging I bought them in but now they are sitting pretty in the flower bed out the back. I also picked up some colourful primroses which I've put into the pots by the shed. I'm not the most green fingered person, much to my parents despair as they have a beautiful, huge garden which is a labour of love for them but I love having a bit of colour out there. 

The camera hasn't seen much light this month but I have ordered a new wide angle lens so looking forward to playing around with that.

March has been about enjoying as much of the Spring sunshine as possible, there's nothing like some sunshine and fresh air to lift the mood.

Mother's Day was thankfully a lovely sunny day, I took off to Lismore with the Mothership and Luke and we had a lovely day, finished off with dinner out for the 3 of us
March saw us celebrating my godson's christening which was a great day and also a great excuse for me to finally get around to getting my hair done, those roots were so bad!! I went for magenta highlights this time and a victory rolls for the christening, I pushed the boot out altogether and also got my make up done for the occasion. Thanks again to Rosie Higgins MUA and DKH Hair for looking after me, these gals are amazing so if you are ever in the East Cork area be sure to look them up.

We are looking forward to April and the Easter break, well a break for me and the boy child, the OH will probably be working all the hours as he'll be on holidays from college, but we will be sure to enjoy our time off on his behalf too, I'm sound like that hehe.

How was your March? I hope the sun has shone wherever you are.