Thursday, 26 January 2017

#ClearOutandEat - Week 2

So week 1 of my attempt at #ClearOutandEat actually went quite well! I'm very happy to say we stuck to our meal plan, using what was already in the cupboards / fridge and avoided buying an extra groceries throughout the week.
As mentioned last week I saw this hashtag on Instagram but it originally started over at My Kitchen Notebook and I love the original idea behind it.

Last week's meal plan seemed to be a success with everyone except for Sunday's dinner of Chicken Supreme, it was one of my favourites but the OH and Luke weren't too fond of it. I think our favourite meal was Friday's dinner, bacon chops, steamed veg and I ended up doing garlic and parmesan roasted potato chunks, they were so tasty. 

Wednesday I veered off the meal plan because I forgot to take salmon out of the freezer so I ended up having a ham and mushroom omelette, all ingredients were already there and the ham and mushrooms needed to be used up.

I managed to get 2 work lunches for myself out the leftover macaroni and chicken supreme which was a great bonus. With the current weather it was nice to have something warm and filling for lunch. 

For the first time ever we ran out of cheese! I didn't buy as much last week because we still had some in the fridge, we are big cheese eaters, but we managed to clear it out. We ran out of bread but didn't end up having to buy anymore as we just switched around meals, like having cereal for breakfast, crackers instead of sandwiches etc. 

So here we go again with another week of making the most of what's already in the cupboards and trying to keep shopping costs down:

This coming week sees the OH return to college so we will be back to our usual hectic schedules as we try to fit in everything around his work and college hours and my work hours. 
Like last week I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday dinners covered.
The OH is home early on Monday so he will whip up a curry, another dish that he makes nicer than I do. He'll probably do Wednesday nights dinner too. 
Tuesday I will be dining solo as he is working and the boy child will be on a sleep over at his Nan's. Thursday's dinner won't take long at all to whip up once I'm in from work. That's a dish that I will 
probably get a lunch or 2 out of as well. The sauce I'll use for this dinner I will make a batch of on Friday and use it for the wrap pizza base and for the stuffed chicken breasts on Saturday.

While making this week's meal plan I've tried to be a bit more creative while still making meals made with ingredients that in the house already.

Week 2 saw me go over budget but not by much, €1.20 to be exact. I stocked up on a few extra things for college lunches too so I was quite pleased with that.

Hopefully Week 2 will as successful as Week 1. I'll try and include some pictures for next week's round up.

What are eating this week?


  1. You're doing great and all of those dinners sound delicious. Well done x

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Quite pleased with myself so far 🙂X

  2. Oh I am delighted with this. You are doing really well. I've to make my own list tomorrow.

    1. Really enjoying the clear out, tried a new recipe already and feeling decluttered already :)


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