Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Freeing Up February

Keeping with my productive streak of late I have decided to give February a theme so I am calling it - 


We have so much stuff in our house, we are only 3 people and a dog we don't need half the stuff we have, I don't even know what some of it is. I feel like we need a good clear out of our belongings so that we can see what we really need and get rid of what we don't.

I want rid of all the clutter, things that I keep moving form one room to another.

I plan on taking it room by room and organising each room that bit better. I hate having to look for something, I'd rather know exactly where I can find something and have it to hand. I feel much calmer and less stressed when the house is neat and organised. 

The spare room is probably the the worst, there is so much stuff crammed in there right now, stuff I've probably forgotten I have so it'll be like getting something new all over again once I go through the room.

We are waiting on Luke's new bed to be delivered to that's the perfect excuse to clear out his room and make it more 3.5 year old friendly, it's still very much a baby room.

The kitchen is driving me mad at the moment, we are short of storage space so my Dad is making me a cupboard for an awkward space in the kitchen and I can't wait to free up some counter space and the table. There's nothing more annoying than the kitchen table becoming a storage space -  a big pile of clutter!

I'm hoping to be able to pass most of the things we don't want on to charities, we usually donate to our local SVP shop. I'm also looking forward to making use of things that we already have.

I'll be on a "Buying Ban" for the month of February, not through choice mind, my wages are being changed to monthly pay and I need to get used to that, also there's no wages until the end of the month, hopefully I survive!! It'll be good for me though...

I'm really looking forward to freeing up some space in the house and seeing what forgotten items I find. I'll report back throughout the month.

If you have any good hints or tips or some organising methods to maximise the space in your house be sure to share, I'd love to hear! 


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