Saturday, 4 March 2017

February Round Up

Well well well...February you certainly kept me on my toes!

It's been a stressful month to be honest and not at all how I expected it to go. In fact the events of February have railroaded any plans we'd made in January. It's been a month of upheaval, stress and worry but finishing with a sigh of relief.
However I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and as much as I hate change sometimes you just have to roll with it and allow things to workout by themselves.

February saw the OH start a new job, in a place I spent a couple of seasons working in back in the day! He gets into the full swing of it in March and he's looking forward to a change.

With all the upheaval I haven't been as productive as I would've liked, unless you count baking, I've made a lot of cupcakes this month. I love making them, decorating them more so and doing different fillings, I don't even eat that many of them afterwards but I enjoy the whole process. I've been asked to make a batch of cupcakes for a hen party in March, I'm excited and nervous, I hope I don't mess them up!

We had a family christening in February. It was great to get away for the day and the boy child had great fun catching up and playing with his cousins, he ran himself ragged and was exhausted afterwards. It was in Dungarvan and I captured a lovely evening shot of the quay (see below).

There was some nice things that cheered me up this month too - my niece Jade bought my new charm for my Pandora bracelet, it's so pretty and I was delighted to add to my collection.
How cute is that unicorn phone cover too?! I saw it in Penneys and couldn't leave it behind, so not my usual style either.

I'm loving the slightly brighter evenings, it's so nice to drive home from work and it not be dark. Hopefully I can get out in the garden soon and finally plant some flowers.

I went to see a medium at the end of the month and it was very interesting to say the least. Quite an emotional appointment which I wasn't expecting but I got lots of guidance so I am looking forward with lots more positivity.

March, it's time to settle down again, into our new routine and make the most of the month.

Here's a small recap of my February:

How was your February?



  1. Lovely images Louise and I'm so glad everything worked out okay in the end. I hope March is a lovely bright and positive month for you all. Onwards and upwards :)

    1. Thanks Fi, it was a rollercoaster month alright, hopefully March is more settled :)

  2. I'm loving the brighter evenings too. you feel so much better when you come home in light

    1. Now if only the rain would go away so we could get out and enjoy the brighter evenings :)


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