Friday, 31 March 2017

Me & Mine March

March was a long month wasn't it? Usually I say they fly by but March seemed to go on a bit longer than usual. On the other hand it's hard to believe we are entering April already, 2017 is definitely going by n a flash.

It was another busy one here and another one that was filled with coughs, colds, ailments, migraines etc etc but fingers crossed we are out the other side. 
It was however a much more settled month than February thankfully. The clock change makes such a difference too, it's so nice to have the brighter evenings, I always feel like I can more done that way. 

The 3 of us had some lovely quality time this month which was well needed. You would think we wold have had ample opportunity to get some half decent Me & Mine photos for March but it was not to be.

Here we in March, in our very grainy, very rushed family portrait:

This month Luke loves:
Playing with Lego
Having fun with his Aunty
Going out on his bike

This month Dad loves:
Going to the gym
Getting some projects out of the way
Spending quality time with Luke

This month Mum loves:
Going to physio to finally sort out a pesky shoulder problem
My godson's christening
Getting my hair done

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Lovely photos of a happy family x

    1. Fantastic photos Louise. Like you I can't believe that it's April already. Loving the longer evenings though, even if I did resent giving up an hour last weekend!x

    2. Thank you! I'm getting so much more done in the evenings with the extra bit of brightness :)

  2. Lovely photo! March was sickness-month here, too. Hopefully April will be better. 🙂

    1. Fingers crossed its a healthier month for us all :)

  3. Ahh lovely snuggle family snap. Can't beat a good selfie for the family. Hope April is good to you all. #meandmineproject


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