Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Alfaparf Pigments Hydrating Shampoo Review

Any regular readers of my blog know that I rarely, if ever review beauty products but y'know when you find something new that changes your world (perhaps a slight exaggeration!) that you just need to share it with everyone?!! 

I've been a L'Oreal Elvive girls for years when it comes to shampoos and conditioners especially the latest Fibrology ones because my hair is quite flat and lacking volume so that always gave it a bit of a boost there. They are always on offer too so would always get them on a "Buy one get one free" basis. In regards to colour though they didn't preserve it for very long and it would fade quite quickly after getting it done particularly with the red and purple colours I go for. 

However the last colour I put in, back in March, was magenta and I was determined to try and keep it vibrant for as long as possible. Enter Pigments Hydrating Shampoo by Alfaparf:

I picked up a bottle of this in my hairdressers after getting my colour done along with the Violet Ash pigment, you mix that in with the shampoo and just make sure you give the bottle a good shake before using.
I won't lie it's usually the price of the salon products that turn me off and could they really be worth much more like? Would they really do such a better job? It's a big 'hell yeah' where this is concerned and I only really realised it when I ran out and used my normal shampoo for a couple of weeks before going back to the hairdressers. My colour almost immediately faded. (My hairdresser, the lovely Debbie is probably reading this saying "I told you so"!)  
When using the Pigments shampoo I didn't need to use any additional conditioner and my hair felt fabulous. Way easier to manage and stronger and it didn't get greasy half as quick. I wash my hair every second day but with this I could leave an extra day or 2 depending on what I'd been up to. 

The 2 products were €18, I think, I can't quite remember because I paid for it along with my colour that day but honestly worth every penny. I'm on to my second bottle now and honestly I just love it, the shine on my hair is amazing.

As always thanks to DKH Hair in Cobh, Co Cork for helping change my ways and show my hair some love. This product, along with others can be purchased in the salon, just click on the salon name above there for further details on how to contact Debbie and her team.


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