Saturday, 1 April 2017

March Round Up

March has gone by in a blur. I had some lovely time off over St Patricks Weekend, I took a couple of mid week days off and it was so nice to be able to do the school run and get some nice dinners ready and spend the the afternoons with the boy child. He was so happy to have me there and he is such great company at the moment. It made my return to work that little bit harder than usual.

I'm going to be straight up here, I'm not too impressed with how 2017 is going, it's a lot more stressful than I anticipated and I was really hoping for a quiet year. Nonetheless I always try to  remain grateful and appreciative and remember there are so many more who are worse off than me. 

March has been spent trying to get a bit of Spring cleaning done and sorting out the spare room to try and make it more spacious in the hopes of turning it into a study / office. We have removed the bed and replaced the wardrobe with a better one in the hopes of utilising it for storage space. I am shocked that I can regularly find tings to throw out / give away, we have so much stuff. 
We were recently sent some products from Milton to review and they came just at the right time. I find the anti bacterial spray and the wipes ideal for cleaning the boy child's bedroom and toy area. Well when I say toy area that basically means the whole house because there is toys everywhere! It surprises me just how dirty and mucky the toys can get, he's gone passed the stage of putting things in his month but he now likes to make "drinks" and "dinners" for us in his kitchen and sometimes this involves using real food and drinks! As you can imagine it can get quite messy. The boy child has a bit of a thing against hand dryers at the moment too, I think he just finds them too loud and a bit scary so if we are out and about and he needs to use the bathroom it's a battle to get him to wash his hands because he thinks he'll have to use the dryer so the hand sanitiser that we were also sent is the perfect size to keep in my handbag and keep those germs at bay.

Speaking of the boy child, most of March has been spent trying to find some relief for the orbital dermatitis he is suffering from. It's looks like eczema around his eyes and can be brought on by the use of inhalers and steroids which due to a bad chest and croup for a lot of the Winter he was on both. He looks terrible with it, like he's done a few rounds in the boxing ring! We have found some relief for him though by using special wipes for the eyes that my Mum picked up in the chemist and keeping it moisturised with Haldens cream or Silcock's Base.He still has a touch of the cough too so after reading some reviews we decided to try a salt clinic. One opened up recently in East Cork in Midleton and we have had 2 sessions there now. I'll do a full post on that at a later stage I think because there seems to be lots of benefits to it. 

I had my first request to make cupcakes for people other than my family and friends, very exciting! A work friend was organising her friend's hen party and asked would I make a batch of Where's Wally themed cupcakes for their night away. It's very nerve wracking knowing that strangers were going to be eating my baking!

We finally got to out in the garden, yay!! My tulips were beginning to blossom in the packaging I bought them in but now they are sitting pretty in the flower bed out the back. I also picked up some colourful primroses which I've put into the pots by the shed. I'm not the most green fingered person, much to my parents despair as they have a beautiful, huge garden which is a labour of love for them but I love having a bit of colour out there. 

The camera hasn't seen much light this month but I have ordered a new wide angle lens so looking forward to playing around with that.

March has been about enjoying as much of the Spring sunshine as possible, there's nothing like some sunshine and fresh air to lift the mood.

Mother's Day was thankfully a lovely sunny day, I took off to Lismore with the Mothership and Luke and we had a lovely day, finished off with dinner out for the 3 of us
March saw us celebrating my godson's christening which was a great day and also a great excuse for me to finally get around to getting my hair done, those roots were so bad!! I went for magenta highlights this time and a victory rolls for the christening, I pushed the boot out altogether and also got my make up done for the occasion. Thanks again to Rosie Higgins MUA and DKH Hair for looking after me, these gals are amazing so if you are ever in the East Cork area be sure to look them up.

We are looking forward to April and the Easter break, well a break for me and the boy child, the OH will probably be working all the hours as he'll be on holidays from college, but we will be sure to enjoy our time off on his behalf too, I'm sound like that hehe.

How was your March? I hope the sun has shone wherever you are.


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