Saturday, 6 May 2017

April Round Up

April you were a busy one!

For the first time this year it was not filled with stress and worry and we actually enjoyed the month. I had a week off work so got to indulge in some quality family time. 

Easter took place obviously and on Good Friday I was selling the Easter Lily pins in my town and we also fit in an Easter egg hunt. Easter Sunday morning myself, Luke and his Grandad went to the Youghal Easter Rising Commemoration where we marched behind a Republican band and listened to speeches from some of the Sinn Féin TD's that were present on the day. It was a great morning and a privilege to take part in it. While we didn't have our usual Easter Sunday family dinner it was still nice and that night I got out for some much needed drinks with the girls.

We had 2 trips to Fota Wildlife park during the month. Luke loves it there and we can spend hours in there. We also went to Fota Gardens a few times, it's a lovely place to bring the kids on their bikes or for a stroll around. Both of these are only a short few minutes drive from our house and we are so lucky that they are on our door step. 

We did a lot of exploring during the month in our local area and had a lovely evening walk in the local woods. You can walk right through and down to the strand, there's some lovely views down there. We went to to the local Farmer's Market in Midleton where we had the most delicious stonebaked pizza and we took a drive along the back roads of East Cork. It's so easyto take for granted the things and surroundings we see everyday but we really do live in a beautiful part of the country and we really need to appreciate it some more.

I mentioned last month about Luke's skin and suffering from orbital dermatitis, well I wasn't happy with the way it was going so he went back to the doctor and they described him as having atopic eczema / asthma. I think I'm right in saying that means he has the symptoms without having the actual diagnosis if you get me. Anyway he was prescribed an anti histamine, emollient cream, and granuales that he has to take at night time and there has been such an improvement since and he's back to sleeping properly. His eyes still aren't fully better so he has been referred to a dermatologist to get this looked at some more but overall there's been a vast improvement. 

The camera has been out and about a lot this month and I'm currently working on a gift idea for the parents, I won't say much here just incase the Mothership is reading but I will share once it's done.

The Fitbit has had me out and about more in April. I've managed to fit in some walks during my lunch breaks and some evening walks. Of course the first night I headed out it lashed rain and I got soaked but it wasn't enough to deter me. I'm really struggling with my fitness at the moment, according to the Fitbit I'm in the end of the "Fair" section on the scale and I'm determined to bring that up. With an energetic, almost 4 year old it's important that I can keep up with him. Weight is a whole other issue but right now I'm trying to focus on the fitness part and hopefully the weightloss will fall into that as well. 

Recommendation of the month goes to Alfaparf Pigments Hydrating Shampoo.

May looks set to be another busy month and we are looking forward to some warmer weather, hopefully!

How was your April??


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