Sunday, 11 June 2017

4 Years Old

Today you are 4. 
Oh sweet boy where has the time gone?! 

You light up my world in a way that I never could have imagined. 

Every morning when I see your sleepy little head in front of my face, ready to start another day, my heart bursts with pride that little bit more. No matter what time of the morning, even those mornings when I can't even open my eyes, you make it that little bit easier. 

Your understanding of the world around you amazes me everyday, you are so clued in and there is definitely no wool being pulled over your eyes. You want the facts, straight answers, none of this fobbing you off with baby explanations. Your Nanny says I was just like you as a child. 

Once we explain something to you and not just spring it on you out of the blue, you are ok with it. This mostly applies to when I may have to leave you for a while outside of my usual work hours. You'll ask me if I have a meeting or an exercise class to go to, or if Dad is going out to football, it's very funny actually.

You have no idea how much I love your random bursts of affection, the kiss on the cheek or the hug out of the blue, the "I missed you" after I come home from work or the "I love you Mom" for no reason other than you want me to know that. You are such a loving boy and I hope it's something you'll always be. Of course you know this also gets you out of trouble sometimes too.

I love the excitement in your voice when you finally get a chance to tell me about your day, who you played with at preschool, what you learned that day and the utter pride in the pictures that have made that week. Sometimes when I ask you how was school, you respond with "I didn't make you a picture today" and a bit of a sad look but that's ok. 

I love our Sunday morning chills after Dad has gone to work and we climb back into my bed for a while, you watching your tablet, me just relaxing and enjoying the quiet time and we lie there in contentment. I relish those moments because I know that all too soon you'll be running out the door to play with your friends on the weekends, not chilling out with your Mama. 

Your new thing at the moment is, when I lie down with you at night time, you snuggle down to bring our foreheads together and you tell me that I have to stay there forever with you, you are a heartbreaker! 

We can't forget that you a total diva either, oh my can you turn on the hysterics when you want to. Just tonight it was because your Dad said he had to put your cream on your face, like we do every night and you had a meltdown over it. 

Your are brave but cautious, easy going but serious when it matters, happy but an emotional little thing. 

It seems like only a few months ago I was bringing you home from the hospital, totally unaware of what was ahead of us but d'ya know what? We are doing just fine.

Happy Birthday my little buddy


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