Thursday, 3 August 2017

Dropping A Ball

I'm always busy. There's always something that needs to be done, people to be organised, lunches and dinners to be sorted, a 4 year old to look after, a full time job to go to, family gatherings, meet ups with friends, events to plan for, cumann business to attend to, a partner working 2 jobs so I've to make sure he doesn't over do it and run himself into the's a constant juggle and there's a lot of balls in the air all the time, there's been no let up in that for a while now.

However recently I have suffered a back injury that has forced me to slow down and step back and drop one of those many balls I juggle on a daily basis. 
I thought I was fine, I mean all I did was slip on water, not fall but whatever way I jerked myself back to keep myself upright has resulted in some pretty painful damage.
I went to the doctor who gave me a prescription, I said I'd be fine for work because I can sit and stand as I needed so wouldn't be stuck in the same position, also I don't take sick days lightly.

Two weeks later and I still wasn't feeling right, in fact it was getting worse so back to the doctor I went. I need to say here that up until this incident I felt like I was finally on top of things health wise - I'd finally got my shoulder seen to by the physio, the migraines had stopped, I was out walking again, taking my supplements and really felt good so to be in this kind of muscle pain again I felt like I was being thrown backwards.

A few tears to the doctor and her advice was to take time off work so that she could prescribe stronger medication and that I rest up properly, no unnecessary driving and that would in turn help ease the pain and heal the injury faster. 
I didn't take the time off work part lightly nor the resting up as I really don't have time for that but I had to admit defeat and one of those balls in the air had to drop for a while.

So here I am 2 days into sick leave with deep heat and Valium as my new best friends and I am resting, for the first time since I was pregnant I'd say, I'm resting up. 
It feels a bit weird and yesterday I felt like I should be doing something, I'll admit I logged into my work email and answered a few emails but I wasn't quite comfortable with this whole doing nothing. 

Do you know what though? I need this, not only for a hopefully speedy recovery but I needed it for my mind. To have that little bit of control taken out of my hands and being told to stop, even just for the week is what my body and mind needed. 

Movement is restricted obviously and I'm spending time trying to get comfortable either sitting, standing or walking but I'm not over exerting myself. I've managed a bit of cleaning, did a small food shop but everything else can wait.

It's funny how now it can wait but up until this point I couldn't leave anything go, everything had to be done and it had to be done there and then.

I hate the thought of letting my co workers down and it's not something I'd do lightly but right now it's a must and they are chugging along just fine without me. 

So sometimes, like a lot of us I'm sure, sometimes we have to let a ball or 2 drop, just for ourselves, to keep ourselves in check and remember to look after number 1 - me, because if I don't look after myself properly then I can't do any of the above to the best of my ability.

It's a tad annoying it's taken a back injury to slow me down but silver linings and all that eh?!


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  1. I m myself busy most of the day with jib and studies. Often get used to the hectic routine but definitely need some break for ourselves. To refresh ourselves for a new journey.


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