Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Life Lately...With A Fearless Four Year Old

I haven't done life lately post in while so thought I would give you all an update on what life is like with our now 4 year old.

Living with a 4 year old is a lot different to the tantruming threenager stage but it's also the same if you get me? It's still full on, it's still challenging but it's different challenges.

Where we had tantrums, we now have defiance ,where we had screeching, we now have back chat and where we had crying, we now have whinging, a lot of it!

This kid know's what he wants and won't stop until he get's it. When he get's in trouble now he can regularly be heard telling me "Stop annoying me", or "When you annoy me you make me angry". I generally deal wiht this by asking him to explain why I annoy him or make him angry and if this doesn't work I just leave him to come out of his funk and find me when he's ready to either talk about it or apologise. 
The apologising after being bold or getting trouble is getting better, he know's now when he's gone too far and I tend to ignore him until he can say sorry but these day's it's not taking long and he's approaching me to say sorry for what he's done. We have a little chat about it, hug it out and move on. 
I get a lot of "But I'm the strongest so that means I can do what I want" - I try my best to deal with this while not letting out a giggle becuase he's damn sure that this is the way things go. I usually tend to agree with him on the strong part but that doesn't mean he can do what he wants. 

The bargaining at bedtime is still in full swing but only with me, not his Dad or his Nan who he stays with every Tuesday night. I can be guaranteed to be met with a barage of excuses as we snuggle down to sleep - I'm hungry, I don't like my bed, I'm really not ried, I'm thirsty...you get the picture. 

Do they ever stop whinging though? It's the whining and half arsed cries that get on my nerves, everything else I can deal with but that is my bug bear!

Everything is poo too - poohead, pooface, poobum....

But it's not all bad, there's lots of pro's to having a 4 year old. 

Where we had daily battles, we now compromise on a lot of things, where we had tears when I left for work, he now understands that he'll see me that evening and is much more reassured.

He now likes to read the books to me at bedtime, sure it takes a bit longer but it's the sweetest thing to watch him improvise the story by looking at the pictures and remembering it the way I have it read it before. 
Four means we can have some chill time together at the weekend, where we can sit together and watch a full movie or we curl up in my bed and he watches his tablet while I read or something. 

Hes the most considerate little guy too, just last weekend I was wiped out with a migraine and I had said to him that I wasn't feeling well and he'll have to be a good boy for me and he was the best. He told me he'll mind me and occupied himself with his toys and some Netflix until I was feeling better. 

Four means we can have little chats about things in more depth, how his day has been, what he'd like to do that day, how he's feeling etc..

He's great company and cracks me up on a daily basis. I love his enthusiasm for the little things. "Thanks so much for my new shoes that got for me" he told me the other day, "I really do like them". The sheer excitement when I pull a Kinder egg out of my bag, well if I could bottle that and sell it! 

It's funny to see him picking up other people's mannerisms too particularly his Nan's. " Call me if you need me" is my favourite thing to hear him repeat. Or when we got the dog a new bed the other day, I said I hope he likes it, "Oh I hope so too Mum", it just sounds so funny coming out of him. Or hearing him chatting away to the dog. "Give me your paw Murph", "Murph paaaaaaaaaaaw" and then he gets the paw and all you can hear is "Good booooooooooy" it really is so funny!

At four he is developing into himself and his personality is shining through more and more each day - 
he doesn't like when I pull his pants up too high, they have to be on his hips, I must make sure his socks are pulled up properly, he has to have red sauce with everything and he'll always eat the meat first off his dinner plate. 
He likes certain songs that he'll ask for the radio to be turned up for, mostly The Dubliners these days, he doesn't like the mince but he'll devour bolognese. 
He loves to spend time with his cousins and it quite protective over his baby cousin, that's his favourite baby! The rougher you are with him the more he loves it, cue plenty of wrestling moves being tried out. 

While four is tough on some levels, I'm thoroughly enjoying it many other levels. Each age is just another phase that we have to muddle through.


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  1. Your 4-year-old boy is very active and looks so intelligent too. Good to see that these types of childrens are active at their early ages


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