Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Office Area Accessories

You might have seen on my Instagram a couple of months back that I finally got around to changing the spare room into a work area, like an office for me to have my computer and things and for the OH to have an area to get his study and projects done, it's his final year in college so it's a busy one.

I've got all the main things done, painting, furniture etc but it's still missing those little bits of extra detail to complete it and I've been looking around recently to see what I could find. I want it to be finished fully before I do a post on the room transformation. 

Here's a selection of items I will pick up and some slightly more luxurious items that I would love:


Black & White is the colour scheme of the room along with some bold patterns so this monochrome picture frame from Heatons wold match perfectly sitting on my desk. A bargain too at €2.09.

I was actually struggling to find the right rug to match my curtains, each one I saw just wasn't quite right but this one I found on Ebay looks like it will suit the room just perfect in both colour and size. 

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love skulls so what's more apt for me than a skull desk tidy huh?! I found this on the Paperchase site. They deliver to Ireland but I'm hoping to be in the UK in the next few months so may just pay the store a visit instead.

A skylight is an office accessory that I have always wanted and it's something on the list for when we own our own house but for now I can just look. There's something so cosy about having a skylight window, I think it's being able to look out at the the night sky, I can imagine I would find a lot of blog inspiration gazing out of one. Roof Windows have a great selection of skylights and blinds.

Another one for the dream office is one of those fancy, ergonomic chairs. So much better for my weak back and the splash of colour on this one would brighten up the room. Hunt Office have a great selection of chairs for various budgets but for us and for now we will have to settle for what we have but these have been added to the wish list. 

Do you have a home office or a designated working area in your home? Please feel free to share and we may just inspire each other! 


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