Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Things Making My Life Nice Lately #2

Appreciating the nice things in life as I did in this post recently is to become a regular thing I think.

One it's a bit of blog inspo for my poor neglected tiny part of the internet world but also with life whizzing around us, it's so easy to get caught up in what's not so nice or what we don't have that we fail to appreciate the nice things that we do have in life. They may only be small, insignificant to some, but they are the little things that might give you the pick me up at the right time.

Here's my pick for this time around:

Lip Lacquer from Penneys / Primark. I adore this colour. It's perfect for wear during the day or night and lasts for ages. It goes on quite wet but once it settles it's comfortable and durable. It was a bargain for 2.50 and I think I'm going to have to go back and pick up some more colours. 

A sure sign Christmas is on it's way when you spot this in the shops. It's my favourite festive chocolate in recent times and makes up for the lack of Top Deck bars (remember them?!) around the place these days. They were the best bars, milk chocolate on the bottom, white chocolate on top, dipped into the cup of tea and melted, so yummy!!

We were kindly sent these juice drinks from Appy Kids Co and Luke loves them. Lower in sugar too and a variety of flavours, it's a win all round. They have been coming in handy for the preschool drink and the Paw Patrol and Dora designs have won me some Mum points.

I love painting my nails, they are rarely without colour. I change them up about 3 times a week but this is my favourite shade at the moment, it goes with everything. I always have to have one nail different too, a bit sparkly, anyone else or am I just clinging on to some quick passing trend. Having my nails done makes any outfit complete for me. I generally find you can't go wrong with the Essence range and the sparkle one is from Collection in Boots.

I was The M Word recently by Gill Books and was looking forward to reading it. I haven't picked up a book properly in ages, I try but I can't get past the first couple fo pages, I don't have the head space or something. It's something I'm trying to change and this book came alonga tthe right time, it was funny, easy to read and more importantly relatable. This isn't a "How To Parent" book, it's more of a "Feck it do what you gotta do" kind of book. Parenting is hard, particularly for us mothers and we are all trying our best and doing what we think is rihgt and that's the way it should be, this book enforces that thought process. You worry abnout your kids and I'll worry about mine! This is now top of my list for gifts for new Mum's! I really enjoyed reading it and it's broken my long run of not being able to finish a book! 


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Exploring East Cork - Our Favourite Playgrounds

My own local area of Cobh is currently fundraising for a new playground with a very hardworking committee and while we sometimes visit the 2 small ones already in the town, they aren't the most entertaining or up to date for the boy child so we usually head in the surrounding areas and we have come across some pretty cool ones. 

Hopefully when Cobh gets it's new playground it will be just as good as these, if not better.

Here are our 3 favourites:


This is known as "The New Playground" by Luke. Glounthaune playground is our top choice. it's the nearest one to us and surrounded by a lovely green area which is ideal in the Summer if you want to make an afternoon of it and bring a picnic. There's a cute lilttle picnic table or plenty of grass to throw a blanket down on. In the Winter you can keep warm by walking around the pathway that surrounds the playground and green area. Plenty of room to bring a ball for a kick around too. A couple of bits of equipment have been removed recently but hopefully they will be replaced soon. Parking next to the playground is available and there's always a sapce available when we've been. It's away from the main road and not too far from Fitzpatricks shop. 


This one is known as "The One Next To Dad's Work". It's located in the main village of Whitegate and a few minutes drive from Trabolgan Holiday Village. Lots of space here for the kids to run around and plenty of seating for the parents. On the sea front, it's gorgeous in the Summer and refreshing in the Winter, once you're wrapped up warm! It's in great condition and there's always lots of kids making use of the facilities when we are there. There is a wheel chair swing located in this playground. My favouirite bit os the colourful hopscotch patch, I had great fun showing Luke what to do on that, much to the amusement of other people in the playground I'm sure! We always stopped off when visitng the OH at work or if we take off for a Sunday spin at the weekend. There's a Spar shop not too far from it so we call in there too for ice cream / tea. 


This is known as "The One With The Telescope" as you can see in the top left picture - I love Luke's way of differentiating between all the playgrounds! This is the most requested one by him, probably because out of the 3 it's the one we visit the least. It's a little bit further away but we would often go to Castlelyons and drive this way so we always make sure to stop off in Lisgoold for the playground when we are en-route. It has a wheelchair accessible roundabout and lots of room for kids to run around in. It's located next to the community centre where you can drive in and park up. It's always in immaculate condition too. The equipment is very modern and the bigger of the 2 climbing frames is great for the older kids. Every time we go we seem to have it to ourselves with the exception of one or two others but due to it's location it wouldn't be as busy as the other two mentioned above. Luke has discovered there is a shop not too far from it either so it we now include going in there for a treat as part of the stop off.

These are our favourites, do you have a favourite playground in the East Cork area? 
Please feel free to share as we always on the look out for a new location.

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